Phase I: Strategic

Phase I: Strategic Marketing Direction sets the standards for action. Before producing an article or provide any services, management should explore the opportunities offered by the market, ie which of the consumers who want to attend (target market), what would have buying power when acquiring product or service, and whether it meets their needs. In addition, they must also identify what your potential competitors, what products are offering and what their marketing policy, what are the substitutes and complementary products available on the market, news and odds on the entry of new competitors and potential suppliers . They must also perform an internal analysis of the company to determine if it really has the resources necessary (if you have sufficient and qualified staff, if you have the capital required, etc.)..Finally, we must consider what policy is most appropriate distribution for the product or service reaches the consumer. With all the data, the company makes a diagnosis. If this is positive, setting goals and mark guidelines to achieve them, determine which customers want to run and what kind of product you want.