Paradigm Holistic Education

You can see that Ken Wilber is present in the deployment and the transition from one sphere to another sphere, in the emergence of human consciousness and its evolutionary process in the differentiation of means to capture reality in its various dimensions with the corresponding eye (eyes of knowledge) and to see, discern, realize (insight) as well as the wonders of diseases such as calling "subtle reductionism current proposals (in education) who pretend to be real alternatives but they are not by their presentation (…) new and theoretical refinement tend to spend as powerful alternatives to improve education … "(At pp. 62 The Spirit of Education). This proposal and its graphing in four quadrants is useful in highlighting various categorical errors that underlie the basis of their own world view of modernity that has led to a state education reductionist, fragmented, materialistic, dogmatic, despiritualized, mechanistic ruthless utilitarian and whose consequences are deteriorating human, social and global. The writings holistic and universal love that concern us are not complaining but of reasons on the causes of our suffering as well as possible proposals from each of us to stop the advance of the destruction and possible cure in the heart, Mind, body of individuals, society and the planet. The work of Ramon Gallegos has been the construction of the Paradigm Holistic Education for the XXI Century collection based on the wisdom of different cultures and times including the prolific that has been generated in recent times, so the author says, too repetitive and honestly that should be recognized holistic Ten-Year Education as one of the oldest and the most modern because it integrates the wisdom of spiritual teachers, philosophers, thinkers and scientists of all time, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Plotinus, Plato, Aldous Huxley and the highly selective representation mystics that condense Perennial Philosophy set out in his work with the same name, John Amos Comenius, Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Buckminister Fuller, Albert Einstein, Peter Russell, Karl Pribram, David Bohn, Marilyn Ferguson, Hazel Henderson, Howard Garner, Daniel Goleman: Rudolf Steiner, Francisco Varela, are just a small sample of the wealth that has nurtured the creator of the educational paradigm of holistic education.