Oil Swamp Companies

Press which crushed many transportation companies are quite obvious this fall. Falling demand for road transport companies as a result of falling demand for goods and services by the population. And here we are seeing a whole chain reaction of falling – the price of transportation did not fall, just collapsed, she crushed under a 50% of international transport companies, which currently just gone on the market – they were ruined and bankrupt. But there is exceptions, the fall in consumer demand for fuel, its price is not falling. This is the paradox of the crisis. Many transport companies are simply dreaming of lower fuel prices, but it would help them survive.

But it was not there. After it is clear that the consumption of fuel is a major part of the costs of the transport company. This did not understand or did not want to understand the many state regulators. Moreover, they drove the price of oil are so many different taxes, and even the idea of cheap fuel is now a thing of the past forever. And no wonder the burden of the crisis fell on the shoulders of transport companies. After all, they are the main consumers of fuel. And not tragic to observe the entire occurring in the global economy, but it seems the high cost of oil is correct, our companion in this life. Deal with speculators on oil just seems no one wants.

So the burden of these games will pay all we are and inflate oil bubble world economy. We are stuck in the oil swamps. But only in our hands out of the situation. Only relying on the power of human reason to expect in this case. But regulators should not rest on our laurels and high oil prices to come down from heaven to earth real. And only then will the international transport company which transports goods by road can breath, say we got out of the global crisis.