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Note published in Cbanoticias. The Funky Caribbean cumbia band either! For Eluney Ottobre The Caribbean Funky Yesterday at 20:30 dressed Usina Old Holidays: The Funky Caribbean presented their first album, and was a big party with many guests, and an unwavering rhythm. This band was formed within APADIM, a school of our city for children and youth with disabilities. Thanks for the idea and the support of Matthew Bruno, one of the coordinators of a workshop of the institution, and several teachers, collaborators and friends began to sprout musicians the idea of doing an activity in which these young people to participate creatively and artistically .From the boys themselves germinated the idea of a band of cumbia … And it’s a good cumbia band, as they say, which are now fully engaged in the promotion’s recent disc, as they did yesterday at the Old Power Plant. Musically have two keyboardists, a drummer, two singers and three backing vocalists who also play the Peruvian caj n. The audience exploded with the cumbia “The Wasps” shared with the band Cordoba “Deverdura” and was thrilled with “Love flowers dip” the romantic song of the band.Besides shared the stage Poor Deverdura Querencia, dominica and Los Caligaris. And so, surrounded by friends The Funky Caribbean gave us a night of rhythm and joy that once again shows us that everyone onists in the artistic and cultural life of our city if we choose, and there are programs inclusion, not from pity, but since they themselves are subjects of law, and may be players perfectly. To get contact APADIM discs or with the drafting of Cba News. Source: Cbanoticias. Journalism with an accent.