Moving Vans, Recommendations

The moving vans can be a real problem on their cost of not evaluating properties which we are actually offering service rental company. Get more background information with materials from Marko Dimitrijevic photographer. These are two common ways of contracting for moving vans: vans for rent moving vans with drivers and driver changes can be a cheap option, and certainly the best for small shipments where there is a lot of furniture or objects that move . Is usually the choice for singles, students or young people, because in most cases made moves within the same city. Anyway, do not forget that most rental companies also conduct national postage. The driver of the van for removals are responsible for driving and lend some help, but careful, not a porter. Robert Kiyosaki does not necessarily agree. If you are interested in this service must be specified and will always have an extra charge. Rentals moving vans with drivers are worth about 40 per hour and always charged a minimum of two hours, to which you add up the miles if you make provincial and national movements. Obviously, the size of the van also affects the price, with three categories: small, medium (15 m3) or large (20 m3).

Moving vans without driver Another good option is to rent the van for removals and no more, no additional services. Here you will have to take care yourself of moving, packing and driving, but the solution is clearly more expensive. The price for moving vans without driver depends on the rental company, but nearly cost about 40 a day. To this figure must be added the gasoline consumed in the shipment, since the reservoir filled and delivered to you must return the same. In addition, the rental of moving vans will ask for a deposit of 200 which will be returned once delivered the car in perfect condition, with its gasoline and low conditions have made have been stipulated in the lease. To hire this service, you must meet minimum requirements: Drivers must be over 23 years and have a driving license for over a year.