MLM Business

Is there a future in MLM business? Even 5 years ago all worked by classical methods – personal conversations with people, presentations, etc. The last time things started to blow, that old methods do not work and the time has come new ones – with the help of Internet. Many, of course, immediately rushed to promote your online business via the Internet. But the statistics is that it does it may be only a few! The others turned their 'internet business' just to the list Spam e-mail and social networks! And it eventually led to the fact that the reputation of MLM on the internet fell as much as once dropped his reputation in the real world. People hate spam and harassment! It turns out that even working in Internet and even working professionally, even using all the possibilities of automation, to promote business on the Internet is becoming harder and harder. And, what is most sad, duplication of the Internet is even lower than in real life! If the this way? I think there is.

But we need to radically rethink and reconsider the whole mlm business and find a new approach to business! Only then will we have a chance to qualitative changes. MLM in our time requires a significant rethinking and radical changes. Already done some background in this direction. But while the ideal option would not come up with. We had not really understand and learn what Network Marketing 2.0, as everyone began to talk about the so-called network marketing, 3.0 and even 4.0! Although the precise wording yet nowhere. It's just a totally new form of online business, yet no one well-known and not implemented in practice. Increasingly, there are projects and companies which, for example, part of the profit is distributed among the partners, regardless of their activity.

Another option – when the company is building a centralized command and signed by you people. This is precisely the first features a completely new approaches. But in most cases – it's just the old scheme + some improvements. As if the old WHO put new wheels. Then they can go further, but a possibility still eventually fall apart. Exit here alone – you need to come up with something from scratch, and something brand new and like nothing on earth! What do you think there is a future in mlm, and how it looks? On his blog MLM business, I bring a modern approach to construction intersetevogo business.