Men’s Accessories

The list of decorations, which can be a modern business man, quite brief. Watches, rings or ring, pin or tie clip, cuff links, including a collar shirt, a cigarette case. Expensive and prestigious jewelry can be lighter and pen. Numerous chains, earrings, bracelets, lots of icons are men in the category of youth, not yet defined their professional choices. Nevertheless, addicted to all sorts of trinkets for men, oddly enough, is more pronounced than generally assumed.

Therefore, designers are not tired to inspire a respectable and wealthy gentlemen, that the measure of all – a true sign of chic. For example, 'unpretentious' a blue coat over a few thousand dollars is not worth anything to decorate. Well, at least, you can add to your wardrobe an elegant cravats, pocket watches and cufflinks, which are things completely functional. And everywhere are regarded as truly masculine accessories. Earrings, which were considered quite a witty and stylish, recently found in the men's ears less and less. Or a chain with bracelets eg.

So many men wearing them from time to time, but not seriously considering as a decoration or addition to the suit. In contrast, the time for the tie will be considered the most important accessory a man of business until yet these same men will continue to wear ties. And they wear them will always be, because it is the only part of the male wardrobe, which not only closes the bar with the buttons, but can somehow brighten up a rather sad combination of monochrome suits and shirts strict. In this case, tie clip becomes a very important sense, as a measure of respectability and taste of its owner.