I am not come here more, but some of you know me. I wonder if those who put a thermometer them is worth, but I’m up to the very. Essentially all of the followers of magic, including some that are not called so. As I’m tired I’ll copy: From Musicantor to LP: On Bach Flowers and Flower Therapy. Hi, I’m Musicantor. Appreciate your position that tries to show a face of the case on alternative therapies and everything related. I try try to understand how you can combine the sentences in your cover with the attitude that you have to practically remove everything that is not your opinion or your writing. For even more opinions, read materials from angel tang. I apologize for perhaps have cleared things you wrote, without warning … but I want you to know that I am trying to frame your contributions in the corresponding items. The amendments do it on your contributions, it is only by certain inaccuracies with respect to certain definitions.I try as much as possible as accurately semantic items and I also care for trying to make references (sometimes I have no books I have available to complete all data). Please I would like to exchange views with you and see that we can acurrdeo. -Musicantor 8 Aug 2006 17:29 (EST) From Musicantor LP: Magic. Hello. Theoretically Wikipedia does not take sides on whether the earth is flat or spherical. Rectified, so I wrote at a time of pessimism. I do not know if you think it is flat or spherical, but my principles will not let me let a school seeking information for homework draw the conclusion that this is an open question. In my experience there are two kinds of writers who write that the earth is flat, those who have a business riding on it and those who look to the horizon and see that it is flat (there are those who are in love with the secretary who owns a business assembled: see Reiki). I do not care what your case.There is a European plant that Linnaeus two centuries and a half ago called Impatiens noli-tangere, which translated means romantic Palladian impatient and do not touch me. The latter was called and people from across Europe before (nometoques, ne-me touche-pas, touch-me-not’s, is that ,…) R hrmichnichtan bal cora, we expelling the seeds as soon as chases, because the capsules are dehiscent and the locules are separated in a violent, driven. That man, Edward Bach, has bequeathed to a particular “medical field”, in which the contact of water with Impatiens gives property to cure impatience. My mother, like the rest of the Spanish ladies of a certain age, Impatiens cultivated with the name of “joy.” If Bach had lived here the water has touched the Impatiens would be used against exaggerated joy. I looked at my Britannica, there is no reference to Bach or the “floral therapy.”I have consulted Medline (PubMed) and then took the two scientific references for which he said, with friendly language, the thing that works best as a placebo. I do not care if you are one of the scammers or one of the victims, I will use my ability to help prevent the Wikipedia is the one that gives authority to the propaganda of the scammers, which I consider a moral obligation. Here are all the same, so maybe you and others want the same claim, in which case I will go, period. If you want to know my limits – Wikipedia are perhaps those of others, try – I will tell you that I think is more rather than the Wikipedia report on what some people believe, and I need to say that these people are a minority, lies outside the rules of scientific knowledge and belief is based on a booming business: these are the necessary elements so that no one can say that Wikipedia has deceived, and that each one is left to sell what they want.In any case, the separate articles for each “remedy” is misplaced: it is the repetition of a template without particularized information, which only serve for two or three items 38 links are added, making them a perfect bait for Google. Similarly, on the article ‘flower therapy’, which is replaced with a paragraph on ‘Bach Flowers’ to say that others after Bach have invented such stories. See Article evil eye. Do you think someone might say that Wikipedia has made him think that is a serious issue and that because of him spitting goes to the children Here a model. Greetings.