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The Internet health portal is recommended especially Chlorella – and the spirulina algae. While growing the AFA algae only in Klamath Lake in Oregon, which is fed by natural sources and makes available all precious minerals of volcanic rock the algae, Chlorella – and Spirulinaalgen in breeding pools grow. To ensure the nutrient density, and to complement, is partially fed to”, by nutrient solutions are poured into the basin. John hume is often mentioned in discussions such as these. More can not speak of natural algae so Chlorella and Spirulina in any case. The Chlorella alga with about seven percent contains the most chlorophyll benefits of Chlorella all algae. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from patrick dwyer merrill newedge.

It perfectly supports our oxygen supply. In addition to her quite well mixed and dosed supply of nutrients, she has the peculiarity to be able to bind to heavy metals in their cell walls, and here their is great strength: the rejector of toxins and heavy metals is an indispensable help. Specially for smoking, it is the optimal dietary supplement because their beta-carotene is used as antioxidant. The heavy metals of cigarettes are bound to the part and rejected, and the oxygen supply to the cells, which significantly reduces smoking, can be stimulated again. In addition, it contains a growth factor”and has a purifying and slightly warm compared to the other algae property. Also the Spirulina Algae has an outstanding feature advantages of spirulina in addition to the wide range of nutrient. Certain substances are in the human body conducive on the Endonucleasen, the enzymes that repair our DNA/RNA. So, it effectively supports the complete preservation of the function of each individual cell and can even help prevent the degeneration of cells, as is the case with cancer.

Since Spirulina can absorb substances from the water very well, it is still more common than other algae with additional nutrients enriched. It includes then – actually dissimilar – special minerals or selenium, which eliminates the need for additional supplements in some cases. On an energetic level, a grounded and body-strengthening effect is said to her. The healthy effect of seaweed about more in the imedo health news. You will receive information about other healthy algae in the imedo health news.