Sooner or later every user of the Internet came to the conclusion that the network can not only download music, watch movies, look for any information (whether exchange rate, the cost of cars in a showroom or a child holidays), but also work. Once the Internet became available in Russia and cis countries, looking for work at home, began to fall into the trap of many scams that have grown like mushrooms after the rain So when a person "Throw" once or twice, a belief in the existence of real work on the Internet disappears once and for all In fact, surfing the Internet a lot and make real! You, probably, you know that the work of "the uncle" does not make a good income, especially for earnings in the Internet. One of the best ways to make money online, is to organize your business. For example, you can create a very simple site (for a start ) You can choose what you want. Invented domain name, picked up the design, information filled website! It takes a day or two! go! earn! Choosing affiliate programs, they can pay us for: clique, that is, you pay for each visit to the site affiliate of link to your website. 2.

for showing and viewing your website and advertising on it. 3. Percentage of sales. 4. Pay-per-action.

You get a percentage, if a visitor has made some – some action. For example, take a survey. The site is, affiliate programs are connected, you now need to untwist the site! To do this, first, tell us about him all the friends, family, relatives and friends, then register it in the catalogs. Also, you can use SARami (system of active advertising). Register, earn money and promote your site simultaneously. ats guarantees visitors on your site, and you should try to make it back to you. To get many visitors to your site, that is to earn as much as possible to increase the citation index. Citation Index – a number of links leading to your site from other sites. This method is now widely used search engines for ranking websites, because you can assume that if your site has many links, the content of your site is interesting and somewhat unique. Citation Index – a popular site. Increasing the ic you move up in search engines and therefore get more visitors to your site! I wish you luck in developing your business online. I assure you, with due respect, diligence and skill you 'll get a good return in the near future!