Initial criticism

The iPod nano offers less storage capacity that the iPod mini at the same price. Additionally, the iPod nano is a lack of connectivity Nokia options. While cellular providers you can buy cellular coverage an adapter for the outlet, this does cell phones not come with the team, unlike the iPod Classic. Unlike other current iPods, Samsung Apple does cell phones not offer an optional HTC FireWire cable for iPod nano. The plans lack of remote peer that is on T-Mobile top of the iPod and iPod TMobile mini accessories causes several others, such as the iTrip does not TMobile work with the iPod nano.
In addition, there is no exit from a television and voice recording options, the other LG players that T-Mobile contain iPods, Apple has said Motorola that unlike other iPods will be able to save photos, the iPod nano does not work either with the camera slider phone connector iPod or any digital connector for digital cameras outside companies or third parties.
The replacement of cellular phones the iPod mini iPod nano was viewed by many as mobile phones a very wireless phones risky operation, for the reason that free phones the iPod mini was the most popular mp3 player from Apple, the most sold in the whole world. The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, said that candy bar phone the iPod nano is a necessary risk from its competitors have begun to “copy” the iPod mini in terms of design and features, and believes that the iPod nano will cellular phones be more popular and even more wireless providers successful than the iPod Mini. But it is possible to perform these beloved options.
In South American countries is expensive cellular phone plans and getting a major criticism in the southern hemisphere of America is that the back of the ipod nano scratches very quick and dirty dust, but was resolved during the second and fourth generation iPod nano.