Hurricane Rescue

All filled up with sand and stones. There was nothing that resembled a human presence here. In sand in some places large gaping crater left by the tornado. The radio operator contacted the center. It turned out that the hurricane, circled the area, went back to the desert, and the helicopter is already on the way to the disaster area. Details can be found by clicking Richard Plackett or emailing the administrator. Rescuers and workers began to re-strengthen the door seal but they are no longer in a hurry. Fear of the hurricane was very high and people time and again cautiously looked out into the desert.

Heron photographed again, presenting a contrast will be between photos and tried to pick the same angle as before the storm. Backwards, he accidentally slipped into one of the craters. Terrified, the journalist began to rapidly climb. But it was not easy – the sand flowed beneath him, and showered down. Hero wanted have to call the rescue, when suddenly in front of his eyes, something flashed.

Grasping an object, he pulled out of the sand figurine. To look at it once was. The journalist put his find in a travel bag, and soon all the same managed crawl out of the funnel. Geron did not have time catch my breath, as he heard the noise of helicopter. The doors to the maze was closed and sealed. After that, it quickly jumped into the helicopter and was relieved to leave the dangerous area. Heron recalled what a sensation produced pictures of him. All newspapers, magazines and television channels vied with one another rung to the editors, asking them to put these pictures on their pages.