GAI Power

The car can be bought at the store, the car market, according to a newspaper ad, or receive a gift of rich relatives or parents by taking out the deed of gift by a notary. In all these cases, the new owner becomes the sovereign owner of the vehicle. But there is another way to get the wheels, through the so-called "general power of attorney." A lot of people buy a car this way and are very happy, that they managed to save two – three thousand hryvnia to pay taxes and a few days necessary for the production car record at the traffic police. At the same time saved and the effort required to correct the deficiencies identified in passes inspection. However, in practice such a price savings is very high. On what pitfalls await you in this way you and I'll tell you.

So, power of attorney may include a variety of authority for managing and disposing of a motor vehicle, for example: the authority to control a motor vehicle, to monitor its condition, to submit to the traffic police to undergo technical inspections, the authority to repair and replacement of individual components and assemblies, the power to change color (color), changes to the documents for the car, the power to order a car, not the conclusion of any prohibited by existing law transactions (sale, lease, gift, exchange, etc.), with the right to receive money from the right to obtain and complete necessary information and documents for registration and signing of contracts, deregistration and registration in GAI, the authority to ferrying from abroad and rastomazhivaniyu etc. etc. Power of attorney may contain all the powers at once, and one or more of them. Power of Attorney, which lists all possible credentials, called General. However, you trusted the car owner does not change! No matter how great your credentials specified in the authorization issued by you, the owner of a trusted you car (motorcycle, trailer, bike) you do not become.