Friends Club of Montana

The Beijing Olympics in 2008 passed into history for many things, but also because the Olympics more blog history, to the point where we were about to head this post? Games bloguimpicos?. Blogs are in fashion and many media have decided to open blogs to different athletes, journalists and others. to tell us your impressions from within.Coat of Friends Club of Montana. Salta, Argentina. Since its founding in 1949 dedicated to promoting activities related to mountaineering.
The Friends of the Montana Club is a civilian organization nonprofit, based in the city of Salta, which promotes mountain activities.
They were the 15 of January 30, 1949, when he suggested to Miguel Salom Juanito Fadel:
– “Let me make a proposition Macanudo,” bag a map and almost cuddling said:
– “This is the Cerro Creston, I suggest you do an expedition up this hill, it’s something terrible and unforgettable, live emotions still unknown and our old dreams will be fulfilled,” and Juanito answer:
– “You were not able to get a better idea.”
And the rest of the evening will step thinking that the compromise had sealed was a difficult undertaking.
Thoughts with him that night and yet more than one day, without even imagine that such travel had become so many others, to bring them to know almost all the Cordillera Argentina, to live the adventures and found the most unlikely Feb 3 1956 the ” Friends of the Montana Club. “
Its founders, the pioneers: Salim, Monda, Cortez, Salom, Fortuny, Garcia, Madeo and Juanito Fadel. And so the Friends of the Montana Club begins its innumerable activities …. People started to recognize the fruit of the effort, and sacrifice of a nucleus of men who did not expect recognition homeland.
-The extraordinary feat accomplished on January 26, 1952, at the Aconcagua they valiera the “Golden Condor” Luis Madeo, Pablo Garcia and, of course, Juanito, according to the government of the time available.
In 1981 the club conducted the march to the border, a reaffirmation of patriotic tribute …
Lisi-Flavio gave us pride in being the first Salta who form a wholly Argentine expedition that crown for the first time a ochomil in the Himalayas, the Cerro Xixa Pargma of 8012 meters above sea level, on May 22 1993.
-1996: The CMA met 40 years, 40 years where thousands of youngsters in shared camaraderie and the breadth aspera light of the mountain, where they not only have flamear the flags of honor and victory in the homeland, but throughout around the country and the highest summits on other continents.
-2006: 50 Anos, the club continues strong, solid, and with the same substance that gives way, always under the same slogan: “To The Best Companion.”
Climbing a mountain is the beginning of a talk with her and with yourself, where you must put aside the vanities and thus will find many answers and enlightening discoveries indoors.
Montana is the insertion of the physical and spiritual man in one of the best alternatives offered to us by nature: the mountain.
“It’s trying to fly higher than the condor, with our own wings, to see and feel where the wind is born; sonar with open eyes the most beautiful landscape and finally touch with our own hands summit, which carry within “(Andrea Pietro-mountain guide).
Specialties: Camping, Hiking, Trecking, mountain biking, climbing (ice, rock, or mixed), Media Montana (less than 5000 meters above sea level), Alta Montana (above 5000 meters).
We will continue crossing paths, crossing mountain ranges, hiking and making voyage, but above all else we will continue to climb mountains and remain friends of them, the Condor, a symbol of our club, is alive and with a lot of momentum, will continue flying very high, simply by force to put in their wings .-

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