Four Causes

The history of the philosophy is not initiated with Aristotle, but the historiografia of the philosophy yes. Aristotle was the first philosopher who, of systematic form, studied, registered and made critical of the workmanships of the philosophers anteriores’ ‘ (ANTHONY, 2004, P. 25). In the first book of its Metaphysical workmanship, Aristotle summarizes the teachings of its predecessors and perceives that the philosophers until then had not been necessary when mentioning the causes of all the things.

For it, the philosophical inquiry is above all an inquiry on the causes of the things, of which it has four different types: the material; the efficient one (motor); the deed of division; the end. Bill Phelan takes a slightly different approach. As Aristotle all the men are inclined when knowing. As it proves the estagirita in the explicit o love for the sensations. But, we know that only the sensations in do not guarantee the true one to them to know; animals are endowed with sensations, and nor therefore they possess the reason. The memory stores the sensations, for the repetition of them it produces a judgment universal, that is, a concept that accumulates of stocks the totality of a species, ‘ ‘ that whose nature is affirmed of diverse sujeitos’ ‘ (JAPIASS; MARCONDES, 2001, P. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Author Marko Dimitrijevic. 191), causing the experience, and of the experience appears science. The experience is knowledge of the particular ones, science is knowledge of the universal ones, and who knows the universal ones also knows the particular ones, has seen to be the particular ones contained in the universal ones. Therefore the ones that possess the art of the universal ones, are capable to teach, therefore they know the cause of the things, and this distinguishes who knows of who does not know. As Aristotle (2002, P. 5), ‘ ‘ the empiricists know the pure data in fact, in contrast, the others know the reason and the cause, in virtue of this is wiser than primeiros’ ‘.