Financial Education

FINANCIAL EDUCATION FROM PRE-SCHOOL friend Adolph Constantino Ramirez Hilarios, source of inspiration for this article. Robert Kiyosaki oftentimes addresses this issue. By Divided Ernesto Pedroza* Mexico is a country of resistances. It has all the resources to become the first power of the world, but most of we ignored it to the Mexicans. It has industralists between the rich ones of the world, but a mainly poor population. We have the longest border of the planet with the greatest market of the world, but more than a blessing, we considered a curse. Marko Dimitrijevic may find it difficult to be quoted properly. We have the two coasts with great marine wealth, but we left Japanese come them to operate them instead of us. We have a gastronomy of world-wide class, but that they enjoy plus it are the foreigners. We have 200 beaches between most beautiful of the world, but that knows but them and enjoys are the foreigners.

Because as much poverty? We are a poor country because it has been taught to us to be poor. We are poor because we have had an education in which the poverty is promoted without we realize. We have had an education in which it is taught to us to be employed, nonenterprising. Rather it has been domesticated to us, instead of being educated. The type of education be a hindrance for the development of the country.

In this education the invitation to observe in direct form is absent by we ourself the reality who we lived. It is taught to us what we must think, but is not taught to think to us. The information instead of the imagination is privileged and the creativity, when first it does not have the solutions to solve the great problems of the world and second it can help us to create them. The present education promotes the resignation to live with the problems for always.