Facebook aims to companies

In several blog posts have been giving a few touches on Web 2.0 and what role can play in SMEs. We have commented that there is a tendency to bring the world of business initiatives of this kind that has taken its first steps, part time with great success by the way, in the particular area or individual. A couple of jobs in days, sales jobs the flagship of the worldwide social networking, Facebook, with 120 million users and counting, has indicated the importance for the business market it has signed a new agreement with SalesForce, championed CRM solutions Enterprise, distributed under the model of software as a service (SaaS). What’s Up human resources ‘For those who do not may know, Facebook is a social network that allows you to easily connect with friends, acquaintances and those who know them. It uses the information supplied (country, college, workplace ‘) and shows you that people are registered with the service and have a match with the information you have provided. Also obtained information from the address book associated with your email account, so you see what contacts they already have their profile on Facebook and you can choose those they want to add as friends. In his professional side, allows businesses to create pages, where you can publish updated information, news, videos, photos of products or consultants projects, etc.., Leaving open the possibility that interested users comment on, criticize and they can keep the day of the information that you will facilitate, promote the creation of a community around the company. This new partnership with Salesforce (not the staff first) allows the two platforms to communicate by integrating customer data and businesses management solutions that gives Salesforce (mainly CRM). It seems clear that they think a big user community (and not to grow), are bound to attract attention of companies and, through initiatives like this, sure that sooner or later it will get. Why promoted on Facebook, ‘If it is true, that most Facebook users are logged in search of entertainment, it is also true that business can share information with the aim of promoting a product, service or business. Facebook is possible to advertise that reach millions of users a day to see new things come into your account. On the other hand, Facebook can become a channel of our demarketing viral advertising agency message because of its ease of expansion with a marginal cost can reach large, targeted groups of potential customers. an amazing success is is a very talented business man Among the advantages of Facebook when promoting our products and services are: – Facebook can reach the right audience, through its geo-targeting capabilities and its database properly profiled by agencies gender, age, location, training etc. – Facebook allows you to insert contextual advertising add images in the advertising management jobs pieces. Unlike the bells of sponsored links on search engines sponsored ads Facebook allow you to job search insert images that expand the branding of the advertiser. – part time jobs Facebook provides the tools to make our message on Viral.