Eyes On The Day Money

Interest rates of five percent or more is hardly possible without tricks day money, therefore it is called look closely before you opt for a tag account. Money has become the most popular attraction of the banks in the fight for new customers, which is also not surprising in the current situation on the stock markets of the world. Investors should look before deciding on a day money account but in the fine print, because the current high yield offers mountains always pitfalls and interest of five percent and more are always connected terms and limitations. Also take a look in the details of current promotional offers by the Stiftung Warentest and the magazine FINANZtest showed this. Overnight interest rates by more than four percent for example are almost always time-limited and intended only for new customers of the Bank. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit johny ive. Often it is enough already that it already uses a checking account or any other product of the Bank to get barred from the high interest rate for new customers. But you are a new customer of the Bank in advertising high vaunted interest on money rarely longer than six months, then the nominal interest rate for existing customers, which sometimes considerably lower than the high interest rate offer from advertising attacks then.

In addition that restricts such high interest usually also in the investment amount. Although most banks require a minimum deposit on their money market accounts, upwards, a constraint, however, is the rule which from Bank to Bank but can vary. While some banks offering the highest interest of the day money up to an investment of EUR 500,000, is with other banks already in 5,000 euros. The amount of to be paid is an important point in the decision for a tag account. Some current offers beautifully illustrate how important it is to look when choosing a yielding investment.