Establish Priorities

Survival skills who go camping, and make sure everything is under control, often are unaware of the dangers threatening the camping. But when the accident occurs, and the campsite becomes a complication, you no longer have time to learn the skills that can help you to establish appropriate priorities. While camping, and if this turns into a survival situation, you must adapt to needs you will be presented at that time, and the changes that occur systematically in your environment. If you have not learned basic skills to set priorities, the danger threatening departure from camping will be catastrophe. Why, as long as you ocupes before in learning about those priorities, they will be taken advantage of better weather, and your camping trips will be safer. To do so, lee and incorporates the following priorities, while you think of the word SURVIVES: S situation: If the campsite quiet was altered by an atmospheric problem, which prevents you from the safe return, before any movement evaluates your personal possibilities for any action: physical condition, mood, signs of thirst, hunger, cold end or heat, and your team or the remains thereof: knives, dry matches, water, provisions, ropes, medicines. O Note: A safe campsite can be transformed into a trap if the place you have chosen you is unknown, and a calamity you mugs.

Therefore, watch the environment to understand the pattern that governs it. Observe the pattern of the atmosphere, weather, and temperature. Also of animals, movements, fears, assurances. And that of the sky, stars, output and the sunset, Sun, moon. B Basic: limit yourself to learn the basics of time. Without a knowledge of basic survival skills, your chances of survival in an aggressive environment decreases. The basics: build a refuge, take advantage of the water, stay hydrated, light a fire, orientate yourself, provide you food, and signal for rescue, can help you in a difficult situation.