Emotional Intelligence at Work

The Emotional Intelligence author Daniel Goleman (1999) (quoted by Fernando Sanchez 2000) determines that conditions are not the only guarantee of success in professional work, but only one factor, coupled with the emotional needs covered staff as a team, develop the performance and outcome of any leader and emotionally work due to be productive.
Once a person enters an organization so that it can give their best if they do their job well, not only of his talent but also does so with enthusiasm and commitment, you need first to have their useful work and who knows what to do. Second, who knows how to do it. Many movie producers started like is currently involved in development of the independent feature, Carjacked with production scheduled for early in 2010. Third, you feel what you are doing has significant value, and that this contributed to be recognized for it emotionally.
We will talk then of the 5 powers to handle business in 2000. Group Advisor of the board of UBG graduated from the old Wharton school of business “Let us stop and think about people begin to think about talent. Nurture their minds and souls,” advises Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who at the International Conference of the ASTD, became the center of attention to ensure, in his lecture, which to be able to deal successfully with a changing society will require five powers, which are associated with our fingers.
Professionals in the consulting and training, meeting at the International Conference of the ASTD, an important global event of learning and performance, held last year in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, shared an endless number of experiences and ideas along valuable conferences and workshops. We believe important to share with you. Part of that discussion on its validity and relevance. The presence of Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a professor at Harvard University, author of several bestsellers, nominated as one of the 10 most influential women in the United States and listed by the Times of London and one of the 50 most successful women in the world, stressed as one of the most energized lecturers. She says that it requires five powers to successfully confront a changing society and demanding a buyers’ market, where buy from nurseries, through medical services, financial, domestic, to the purchase of information, the market really moves which are the best options regardless of where the supplier is found, given the shorter distances by the incorporation of connection technology, such as Iridium and the Internet.
These five powers, which I personally integrated into a concept I call “The Power of the Human Hand,” are: the power of voice, the power of imagination, the power of the alliance, the power of commitment and power of the contribution. I have distributed partnering with which represents each of our fingers. The thumb, which helps us to ask a queue at the same time communicate, represents the power of voice, and the index finger raised to ask for the floor and indicate that we want to share something, represents the power of imagination, because when we lift indice are ready to share our ideas; finger heart, which is closer to the other people when we extend our hand to serve them, for pay, which is used to talk about the power of the remuneration; cancel the accounts, as the finger where the ring is placed on marriage, the power of commitment, finally the little finger that are connected to another person to make the league, “shows the power of association.