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The gross domestic product of Illinois was MBA in 2004, almost 522,000 million dollars, which placed him sixth in the 5th position in the nation. Per Asset Management capita income in 2004 was 34,721 dollars. The unemployment rate stood at 6.1 .
The main agricultural products of Illinois are maize, soybean, cattle and pigs, milk and wheat. Universities in Illinois are continually researching alternative agricultural investment management products as alternative crops. Activities funds and industrial products are more prominent in the state machinery, funds food processing, electrical equipment, chemicals, media, metal products, transport equipment, petroleum and coal.
Income tax in the state of llinois is calculated by multiplying net income by a fixed rate, currently Asset Management 3 percent. Ernst There are two rates UCSD for the sales tax the state: 6.25 percent for the goods overall and 1 percent for food, medicines and medical devices. The property tax is the largest single tax in Illinois and the main source of revenue for investments the districts of local government taxes. The property tax is a local tax (not state), the districts that impose taxes of local government ‘which include counties, municipalities, school districts and special tax districts.