Diploma Czech

The ratio of the adult population of the Czech Republic to higher education and to the people that have them, can be described as very respectful. The presence of a certain degree even the primary, for example, bachelor’s, master’s or doctor for Czechs says it’s smart, developed in all matters of a specialist who can be a great companion, friend or business partner. Some contend that Robert Kiyosaki shows great expertise in this. Confirmation of the diploma or special education procedure that is performed after the selected relevant higher education institution in the Czech Republic. For example, economic education with a degree in Accounting and Business Analysis activity “can be confirmed (nostrify) at two state universities, the economic department at Charles University in Prague and Pilsen economic department in Pilsen. There are also commercial colleges, who can confirm the economic diploma after confirmation of the similarity of the program taught during the training period. Possible to confirm the higher education of a foreign citizen may, by filing documents to the Ministry of Education Czech Republic, with a further review and outcome.

At present, the Czech Republic are confirmed by diplomas received after the public universities or institutes with a mandatory full-time students. Diplomas obtained in commercial high schools, are supported to a lesser degree and without assigning a degree. Diplomas received by correspondence courses, to confirmation is not suitable and not recognized as a higher education. We emphasize that the information in this article are based on the experience gained diplomas confirmation of our clients. Your nostrify in Czech higher education gives a foreign citizen not only the status of engineers, doctors, but also can play a positive role, for example, of a mortgage loan, as in one of the items of personal profiles to be signed by the bank, indicate your status and education. It facilitates you to take a bank loan for your business or purchase goods on credit.

In order to confirm the degree, the alien after the selection of the higher education institution in Prague or in another city Czech Republic, where there is need a special faculty should contact the dean of this institution to take the documents for confirmation. You must fill in the Czech language application of a sample and submit the following documents: copy of diploma certified by the Czech notary. Translated into Czech language diploma, a certified court interpreter. Translated curriculum (statement attached to the diploma), indicating the exact number of hours read on subjects as certified by the translator. Denial of Accreditation is may be caused by the difference in being taught the program to your school with the Czech school. Not despair and try to apply to other universities or the Ministry of Education. The procedure for review of the documents takes an average of 30 days. The answer comes by registered mail to your specified return address.