DEVELOPMENT In Improvement

There they were the trays, parts and the data. Unhappyly, not possua the rules, reason for which we cannot know as if it played. Since the times most remote, the old ones already had an immense wisdom. They knew that the trick was very important for the integral development of the human being. The trick is present in our lives since the birth until the adult phase, is the form most pleasant to express the freedom and the pleasure.

' ' The games and toys, even so being a present element always in the humanity since its beginning, also did not have the connotation that they have today, they were seen as fteis and they had as objective the distraction and recreio.' ' When applied well to the playful education it can contribute for the improvement of education, as much in the qualification how much in the formation it criticizes of educating valuing it for optimum. The games have its educative function, therefore, to play, the children need to respect the rules, to decide, to feel the necessity to think to decide its strategy. Exactly that she has rightnesss and errors, they make with that the child exercises its intelligence, participates actively, constructing an interaction during the accomplishment of the game. 2. LITERAL DEVELOPMENT In accordance with the National Curricular Parameters an excellent aspect in the games is the genuine challenge that they provoke in the pupil, who generates interest and pleasure. Therefore, it is important that the games are part of the pertaining to school culture, fitting to the professor to analyze and to evaluate the educative potentiality of the different games and the curricular aspect that if desenvolver&#039 desires; (PCN, 1997,48-49). We can yes contribute with the improvement of the learning of the mathematics and to develop the taste for disciplines. To see it in different way, taking the child to have one better apprehension of the mathematical concepts, having as consequence an improvement in the quality of life of the children.