Basketball is a game of rhythm changes. Lolo Sainz. In basketball there are only two possibilities: sprint or stop. Bozidar Maljkovic. The art of passing is probably the least appreciated among the qualities of a player but is more precious to me, a good passer is as important as a good scorer and a good pass is synonymous converted basket. Bozidar Maljkovic. A foul is: Any contact you make with a player from another team and the referee blow the whistle. And any action of yours that seem to contact a player from another team and the referee will blow the silbato.Sin comments. JGA. Losing balls is the eve of losing games. Antonio Diaz Miguel. No wind for anyone does not know where it goes. Seneca. All coaches are creative, but unless you have a good database going anywhere. Aranzana Gustavo. The substitutes are often the first to shower. Huyen, do not want to share and want to be notice the nuisance. In reality, the problem admits only two answers: either fight or not fight, but sometimes the aggressive player puts in the wrong place … For the Diagnosis … but produces frequent disagreements between coaches and players … I understood long ago that the explanations are useless because the player wants to play, not knowing the reason does not play. It even seems inclined to disbelieve the reasons, not always fair and sometimes we give pilgrim coaches.Show the disagreement is the aesthetics of a universal default, follow the decision is part of the professional dignity. Jorge Valdano. Site learned JGBasket