The first coinage consisted of denominations of cent to 5 cents (half a tenth) on a metal base, up to 1 tenth sucre sucres silver and 10 gold. The penny and the subdivisions of the peso continued to circulate after the introduction of the sucre. Currency called real was 10 cents, 5 cents from the coin was called a half.
In 1928, the coin silver sugar 1 was reduced from 25 grams to 5 grams. The new currency was named after President Ayora, Isidro Ayora. The silver coins 2 sucres were introduced, along with gold coins known as Condor, equal to 25 sucres. In 1943, coins were introduced 5 sucres. In the 1980s, up to 50 sucres coins were put into circulation, due to high inflation in the nineties circulating coins until 1000 sucres.

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