CRM Applications

As we have been discussing solutions in Cloud Computing charge every day stronger. The Cloud today not only arises as a technological solution to cut costs for companies in general, but also as a solution for improving the competitiveness of European companies. Week last Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission and responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe announced at the World Economic Forum of Davos, creating NATO European Cloud Partnership whose main objective will be find common terms of recruitment of Cloud services and develop standards that guarantee the safety and competition. According to the textual words of Kroes, cloud computing will change our economy. You can bring productive benefits everyone from small entrepreneurs to individuals. It promises scalability, more secure services and efficient flexibility and lower costs.

In this blog we have always defended the technology as a tool to improve the competitiveness of companies so we could not be more than agree with the approach. Though time will tell if this will have a real reflection short term in economics and especially if SMEs may benefit from these programs. CRM applications in the cloud the Cloud Computing is a flexible solution that contributes to improving the resources available in organizations, including, logically, the geeks. For this reason, we find that, increasingly there are more applications tailored to this environment. Free CRM, of course, are no strangers to this technology.

The proposal from many manufacturers, in the Cloud Computing market, contemplates three basic formulas of licensing and service marketing. The model of marketing in SaS, which we talked about in this blog, which offers customers the use of the CRM application for clinics in Cloud platform in rent, or pay per use by the exploitation of the software and which leads to a few services linked to its implementation and evolution that make it a very attractive offer. The sale of licenses of CRM in property, which housed in the CPD of the customer will be used. Although this option does not represent a direct reduction of the necessary investment in hardware and software, it’s a very interesting option for companies with multiple locations or a significant number of mobile users. Sale of software CRM Jurisoft in property and licenses its use hosted in the data center of the manufacturer. It’s a marketing model designed for companies who want to enter the Cloud world but who still do not trust the concept of rental applications. This model offers a reduction of investment in initial hardware for the client and the possibility of extending the range of services with those linked to the consultancy.