In 330 A.D. Constantine moved the capital of the empire from Rome to Byzantium. The name ‘Byzantium’ came into use in the whole of the Eastern folding chairs Roman Empire. During the reign of Constantine, Constantinople became the successor to Rome. Constantinople became the great commercial center, political and religious of his time. It was also the major artistic center, gathering and sheltering in the most outstanding artists and craftsmen in all types of luxury craft. Most of the emperors were art collectors, folding chair and palaces were superbly furnished. The workshops and stores were located dining chairs inside the Great Hall of the Emperors and were famous for work in ivory, metal, embroidery and glazes. Unfortunately, it retains any domestic furniture, and the only evidence we have is the documents of the time, illustrations of manuscripts, mosaics and murals. The mosaics, the great glory of Byzantine art lining school equipment the walls and floors of palaces. The mosaics show clearly the mixture of the two traditions that formed the foundation of Byzantine art, the elegant refinement of Hellenism with the Eastern formalism. The furniture of the palace was splendid, the chronicles tell that in the banquet tables were used ivory and gold. The tables, usually school furniture of stone or metal, were similar to Roman, the eating were round or D-shaped In the modest houses were simply rectangular timber were preserved in day care chair Byzantium all techniques of classical cabinetmakers. The furniture that take more data are chairs and thrones. The thrones look like they were solid wood with painted decoration and architectural forms. Some were made with precious materials, decorated with beautiful jewelry and pillows. Byzantium was famed for its magnificent carvings made of ivory. The ivory panels were incorporated into many objects such day care chairs as student chairs chests, boxes and doors. It still retains the classic and popular folding chairs or stools and X-shaped, with leather seats. The beds were the classic way but disappeared chairs headrest. Find the right and tables – that is what every student needs Some had developed turned legs, others were and they had canopies and architectural columns. The moneyed classes they had blankets, sheets, bedspreads embroidered bedspreads and finely wrought.