Beardsmore Home

One of the best things of many home businesses, is that you can get them started while at your current job and make a transition to full time when you and your business is ready. You can take things at their own pace?. After all, it’s your business! To help you know what to look for when considering an internet based home business, here are 20 questions. 1. Is there a big market for the products? 2. What type of person using the product? Almost everyone or only people from the narrow demographic? 3. Is there a range of products to meet a wide range of human needs? 4.

What is the industry trend? The increase, decrease or stagnation? 5. Imagine five, ten and 20 years in the future. Can you see this product still popular? 6. It is the product that is consumed by customers and must be replaced regularly? 7. Is the product that can build customer loyalty? 8. How is the product delivered to customers? Drop ship warehouse via the Internet, or deliver it? 9. Is there a proven business system, or you have to create one? (aouch!) 10. Do you provide proven sales material? (Links, banners, classified ads, sales letters, etc), 11.

Are given leeway to develop their own promotional material? 12. How often do you get a commission check? 13. Do you get a large percentage of each sale as your commission? 14. Can you be notified electronically of a sale? 15. Is there a system for tracking sales of good reputation? Can you access this line? 16. Is there training and support? Do you have someone to talk or that you left on your own? Is this around the clock and both online and offline? 17. How long as the company been operating? 18. Do you have a history of keeping their promises to members? 19. It is the listed company and comply with the law firms? 20. Who runs the company? They are highly respected and credible? Suzanne Beardsmore is a busy human resources manager, teenage mother and homemaker. She has found balance by replacing the corporate income with a home business.