Bankruptcy Act

The first court order that noted his inability to give the answers that were sued in the context of crisis afflicting us, was the commercial. Specifically with respect to their functionality to help companies in difficulties. And not it was due to poor regulation, as they wanted us to see, to justify new royalties granted to banks, with its reform favoring its position of professional creditors. If not for the deficient instrumentation of the Bankruptcy Act itself. Later were the social courts who brought his impotence to give course in time and form the huge labor problems inherent to the incessant corporate carnage, to despair of the lawyers and their clients. Already endemic procedural delays that demand an incessant flow of funds from the wage guarantee fund with which to those who demand their most basic rights, the labour. Panacea tried searching with a labor reform with a high political cost, which did not provide anything new, since in its more practical aspect, they simply came to put black above white as already practised in judicial practiced in matter of dismissal for economic reasons. No surprise factor for the labor lawyer.

We can check, time to time, that the new legal regulation far from clarify assumptions, will lead to a noticeable increase in disputes. And with it, waits for the acquisition or the restoration of rights intended. This must certainly be the goal, but once more the shortsightedness of our political leaders prevents evaluate solutions that could be described as innovative.