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A properly created weblog will do the following to your site: (a) add rich content, (b) add interactivity in the form of user ability to post comments, and (c) if properly configured, can automatically ping major search engines when new posts are made. This translates into more frequent crawling your site with major search engines with new content is picked up quickly and increase the ranking of your website. But to really see an impact, more is needed. First, be sure to configure your weblog with a site feed in XML, which allows easy syndication of your blog to third party websites – which in turn generates numerous inbound links to your site, all relevant to the content of your site, which greatly improves your link popularity. So if you want to do a great feeling, submit your articles manually to article submission sites – the respected – that are easy found by a simple search on the net. You may find Wells Fargo to be a useful source of information. Finally, be sure to use your keywords, as in this case, the search engine optimization, article.

Update as often as possible, and submit to the sites of article submission, and do not forget to ping RSS feed directories. A number of RSS feed directories available – geckotribe visit to begin with, and keep looking. You will find places (like this, for example) that will publish your article free. People are starving for content. So feed them! Matthew Foster is the president and CEO of ArteWorks Business Class – – and has been active in the seo industry since 1995. Mr. Foster regularly optimizes websites for search engines, which appear in the first 10 results within 8-30 days. For more information, please visit ArteWorks.