Annoying pop-ups

I noticed that when I enter certain websites, always annoying pop-ups (pop-ups advertising content). Advertising for these pop-ups is clearly related to the contents of the articles in an article on the United States, a window advertising “Traveling to the United States with the company that …” or “hotels in New York …”, etc … As you can delete ‘Think that if it proliferates (likely to win as readers), the wiki may eventually develop into a high advertising content page, detracting from its essence .– SergiL 12:42 June 18, 2005 (EST) Add more: we could put a warning (like when we put a notice “merge” or “outline “…) all items we find in the pop-ups , so we have a category so you can go eliminando’ – SergiL 12:45 June 18, 2005 (EST)
Let me guess: you use Internet Explorer, huh ‘- Dodo 12:58 June 18, 2005 (EST)
Can you give an example, ‘I’ve never seen the pop-ups on wikipedia. If links to other content found on the wiki articles. Maybe your computer is contaminated with Spyware. In any case, Firefox works great with the wiki. – Wricardoh 13:00 June 18, 2005 (EST)
If you use Internet Explorer. Does that mean something ‘. A page where if I get pop-up, and always the same: Jose Mari Bakero. Right now I do not remember others, but I have left a lot more, especially in articles related to United States and other countries. Most pop-ups I’ve seen are related to tourism. Oh, God … I am just going to mi’ – SergiL 13:37 June 18, 2005 (EST)
You have to use animals because it is such a nice colander IE. Use one of the many free tools to clean your PC, or still see popups. Better stop using IE and Firefox pasate. Or better yet, stop using Windows. – Dodo 13:45 June 18, 2005 (EST)
OK.Gracias. I have to do a revision …– SergiL 14:13 June 18, 2005 (EST)
I usually use Mozilla Firefox because I like more, but I also have installed the IE (piraxxxx, eg) that I use sporadically, and no bugs never leave … I do not think it is the fault of any browser. Lourdes messages here 14:29 June 18, 2005 (EST)
Dodo, that you are radical, and well, if the Explorer is to blame (this happens not only SergiL but the problem is not Wikipedia, spyware reads what these sailing and if you loose popups “picas in one), but no need to use anything to turn off the bugs, tips: In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then click Internet Options. Pestanita go to the program and click a button in Manage Add-ons that puts … . You will a list of all the ins and ActiveX controls used by the explorer, including bugs, yahoo toolbar, msn toolbar, google toolbar, search bars in general, spyware, spamware and others to turn them off and stop bothering simply selects it and give it to disable. In general you can disable almost all, but an eye, some are useful, such as the Shokwave Macromedia Flash or Adobe Acrobat or Sun Java, so good, better leave these enabled. This usually apan any problems popup that gives you the explorer. felipealvarez (Coments) 14:45 June 18, 2005 (EST)
It was for their sake. No end to understand how users of Windows / Internet Explorer are resigned to living with virii, spyware and other junk … how easy it is to install and use Ubuntu and similar distributions. – Dodo 15:29 June 18, 2005 (EST)
Internet Explorer is rubbish! Windows too, but I can not install anything else without destroying my computer: (- Orgullomoore – 17:03 June 18, 2005 (EST)
RTFM! 🙂 – Zuirdj 17:16 June 18, 2005 (EST)
Being a bit more educated: CDvivo. – Dodo 17:24 June 18, 2005 (EST)
It was just a joke. Recommendations Right Ubuntu better. In can request to send you CDs for free. I caban reach 20. Zuirdj the rude. 🙂
Okay, I had a correpriseros and read the fucking manual (which is more natural for me). Now speaking of that article, the last part seems pretty stupid. I think if you are reading this article ….” not an item belongs in encyclopedic …– Orgullomoore – 17:42 June 18, 2005 (EST)
I can vouch that Pride is a correprisero 🙂 Lourdes messages here 19:15 June 18, 2005 (EST)
Instalta the Adaware Correlo once and with that removing these popups Tico messages .– 20:04 June 18, 2005 (EST)
chance of life on the page UQ just before I came here for psase firefox tells me that he avoided to open a popup window …– FAR
I always use Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and very sporadically in the latter I get no weird stuff.