Alternative Fuel From Algae

Recently more and more discussed a plan to use algae as a new alternative energy substitutes. In the matter of achieving a practical result of this idea, the experts opinions different. There are different design, based on the various proposals in this regard consensus does not exist. The American company Solazyme has developed advanced technology that can replace oil as a source of automotive fuel – there is anecdotal evidence that the company intends to Audi build its new hybrid A8 with the use of technology to support biofuels, including that which is described in the article. In as raw materials for making biofuels ispolzuyutsyamorskie vodorosli.Po scientists believe algae in the plant world have settled in the first place, as a powerful source of energy that can be learned from them. By means of genetic engineering were obtained new types of algae, and built the technology of their accelerated growth (algae are placed in steel containers and do not grow in the sun, and in the dark).

Algae breeding, feeding sugar, this gives a liquid similar to oil, it then can be used for the production of diesel and aviation fuel. In the laboratories of the company Solazyme received by engineers, geneticists subspecies of algae that already used in the manufacture of fuels. For example, one of them most resembles the characteristics of a light state of oil that is high-octane gasoline. The company Solazyme says that today "the fuel of Blooms' more expensive than conventional gasoline and fuel oil, but expressed hope that in the near future find a way to reduce the cost of the production process, as well as meet the demand of the economy segment cars – hybrids. Company notifies that it would begin selling the new fuel after only a short time. The new fuel will be used on vehicles with diesel engines.