Accounting Systems

One leader is difficult to keep track of all staff – timely yavkami the workplace each, employment of each employee during working hours, etc. The revolution in technology has clearly defined what it should be a successful company. Equipped with modern facilities – the card of any office. It's not about the usual attributes of the office, phone, fax, etc., we mean completely new technology – access control and accounting working time. If the discipline, strict control of the parish, care and tardiness of employees – not your creed, the access control system is not for you. They are for those who live by the principles of "My house – my fortress and wise organization office work. Installing such a system offers great opportunities for access control to your office for all people without exception. Due to the system you are always aware of movements come and go every human being. The basis of this Awareness – provided for in the system to control access to certain persons on the premises, depending on time of day and day of week. The system clock keeps track of all movements on the territory. At any time you can get a report of finding specific people in the room or in the territory as a whole. This report contains information about when a man came and went, he tried to penetrate into the forbidden for him premises. For security access control and time management – this is full access to the internal management of the premises, remote locking and unlocking doors installed by them electric locking devices (electromagnetic locks, video intercom, intercoms).