Tibold Champagne

The most ancient vegetable heraldic decoration – it's flowers. If other plant elements are more character decorations, the flowers coats of arms – it is the appointed signs. Most often, images of flowers for use in heraldry gold (yellow), silver (white), black, red or blue. Colouring stamp shield and heraldic figures since the thirteenth century had its own symbolic meaning: gold (yellow) symbolizes wealth, strength and permanence, a silver (white) – purity and innocence. Black, white, red, and blue signified the four elements: earth, water, fire and air.

Share the same colors in heraldry may have different interpretations belong to different genera and fashions. The most common images of flowers were roses and lilies, as these flowers are the prototypes of the image of Our Lady. Rosa symbolized beauty and perfection, Lily – purity, holiness, purity. In the arms of the British preference for roses of different shapes and colors, pedigrees belonging to the Tudors, Lancaster, York. Red damask rose was first introduced in Europe in 1270, the year.

Migrated to France rose after a crusade – it brought the Count IV Tibold Champagne. Then she came to England, where he became the emblem of the royal family of Lancaster – one branch of the dynasty of the Plantagenets. Yorkie – another branch of the same dynasty – chose to decorate the white rose flag. These dynasties were engaged in a thirty-year war that was incorporated into history as the War of the Roses (1455 – 1485 gg.). The struggle of the medieval nobility has ruined the English people: a silver (white) rose Yorks, and scarlet (red) after Lancaster weaken militant parties find mutual peaceful coexistence in the coat of arms founder of a new dynasty – Henry VII Tudor.

Dental Entrepreneur Networks

The first two dentist entrepreneur networks start the prd GmbH dental management beginning 2010 in the Cologne area and Marburg developed in cooperation with dental laboratories a network for dentists from the region of the host laboratory. These dentists meet four times in the year firmly agreed deadlines in the laboratory, to discuss current topics from the dental practice with the help of the experienced Zahnarztcoaches and moderator Klaus Schmitt, shareholder and CEO of prd dental management. “The dentist-entrepreneurs network is an excellent platform for practicing dentists to meet in an informal setting and discuss topics which interest every dentist, which itself must assert itself in the market,”, explains Klaus Schmitt. Dates and topics are agreed in the group. While the possible range of topics ranging from consulting concepts for contract-free services through marketing activities, practice organization, and quality management to the compensatory pricing, according to the wishes of the dentists.

“This Dentist-entrepreneurs network is a great way to get new ideas for your own practice and to discuss with colleagues! “forward dentist N. B. The first two dentist entrepreneur networks launch early 2010 in the Cologne area and Marburg. Contact: prd GmbH dental management Gudrun Pragel


Convert a passion in entrepreneurship on the internet at any moment of our lives we must have heard the phrase there is nothing better than to work doing what I like and this is actually one of the most big dreams of every blogger, for those who love to express their thoughts and opinions on a blog. In the pursuit of that dream one of the topics that you want to obtain greater longing is the secret course to earn money on the Internet. This to triggered the writing of books and manuals by the great Gurus of Marketing online, they promise us guide us through their knowledge to our goal of generating an income of money through the use of tools or systems of monetization. Make money on the Internet does not have any mystery, and though it is indeed for many a myth, I personally must say that there are many ways to generate income through the Internet. What must be clear is that a road Guide to success, only there is there are walkers with the value to achieve it because I refer to this phrase with which I have always initiated conferences for entrepreneurs in which I participated, and is very simple want to have clear that if your mind does not exist an objective and a map clear what they want to achieve, may not reach anywhere, much less follow the steps nor the journey in other experiences. Why the routes embodied in manuals and the experiences of success on the internet are so difficult to replicate? Cannot replicate the success and we will not repeat, because what to MORES to been a success for many has been simply a good result or just something of luck for those who are above the achievements will be just that and for those who are below those goals will be great achievements so we can see that success has different views according to stages that reach entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Creativity

HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of management integrated course ‘ corporate creativity into their MBA program. Corporate creativity”(entrepreneurial creativity”) is the title of a course in the part-time MBA program of the HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of management. He was integrated by the oldest business school of in Germany in their MBA program, to stimulate creative thinking in the boardrooms of companies”, stresses such as Prof. Dr. Torsten Wulf, academic Director of MBA programs at the HHL.

Today executives due to the dynamics of the markets are faced for their businesses entirely new business models and solutions to design increasingly with the challenge”, explains the Professor of strategic management and organization. For this purpose, the knowledge and skills lacked frequently. We want to convey this our students, so that they can develop genuine innovations for their companies.” As a lecturer for the course of corporate Creativity”has engaged the HHL Jens-Uwe Meyer. The Managing Director of the consultancy the Ideeologen society for new ideas mbH, Baden-Baden, and author of five books on the subject of creativity is considered one of the leading experts for entrepreneurial creativity in Europe. “That the participants are taught in the MBA program of the HHL also in entrepreneurial creativity, according to Wulf, in Germany, where is creativity still widely as a playground for aesthetes ‘ is viewed, so far only once”.

This is different in the United States. Where renowned management thinker like Teresa deal at the elite universities Amabile and Alan G. Robinson for more than 25 years with the question of how companies develop new ideas and increase their innovativeness. The course is according to practical corporate creativity”at the HHL designed. In it, students learn how fashion companies such as Google and 3 M creative and innovation processes. You’ll also learn how the inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison with System new products and solutions to problems finding (experience). “It is particularly important that the participants here as well targeted and resources saving proceed as Edison, whose Maxime was Professor Jens-Uwe Meyer: what can we not sell, that I will not invent also.” “For more information about the course of corporate creativity” at the HHL get interested by Jens-Uwe Meyer (www.ideeologen.de). For more information about the part-time MBA in general management at the HHL received from Petra Spanka (Tel.: 0341 / 9851-730,).

Business Contracts

How do I get good business contacts, for many years Geschaftsbeziehunge? Contacts are one of the most important cornerstones of an entrepreneur should have. Due to missing contacts important shops and much-needed business relations not be able. Therefore I would like to have a way of contacting here once write, as well as show an opportunity for the creation of a network with information providers and business partners. Membership at Xing.de, of course it can’t hurt, but the contacts of which I speak is located at the place of own value creation or the company. The example of our company, this is the beautiful Jena in the heart of Germany. The online shop we are, we carry high quality and carefully selected decorations and accessories for all areas of the everyday.

After our inception we didn’t like probably all self-employed persons to a few business contacts, where should they come here also. The number of companies and Services in our vicinity is actually very high but how come I with the expert people, business further make me and very important that I’m human together. “Only if one is green” is also good results come out at the end. The first contacts be able experience by looking in various business directories or through recommendations. How these relationships are then run is highly dependent on coincidence because the selection of the available contacts is not very large. To increase this number, I have come so with many people in contact and then pick the right out to me. That me no wrong, please don’t run to all companies in your city and imagine there personally. There you have what pretty before you, especially since the existence of the required company not always at first glance is visible.

In my case, I came across an article at jenanews.de, which is an information portal with news and news from Jena someday. A meeting of the founders Forum Jena, which would facilitate my former favorite neighbor Jens Mende (jenanews.de) was announced! After a brief search I found out that it is a forum for entrepreneurs, managers and employees. The chance I could not miss me and so went to the trendy date. What will be waiting for me there, what people will I meet there and this is something for us I still needed during the trip. The event was the “black bear” in Jena, Germany (www.schwarzer-baer-jena.de), a four star hotel. It was prepared for a comfortable quiet room with high ceilings. For food and drinks provided by the hotel. Good conversations, nice contacts, and new insights are quickly surrendered. Were other entrepreneurs with years of experience and advice in casual conversations available as well as professionals about promotions, business consultant, accountant, or any kind of service. Here I otherwise probably not taken already in contact with people that I came would have. The main focus of the founder Forum lies in establishing new networks of entrepreneurs to pursue such interests. Right, I wrote entrepreneurs and not companies with intent that is first and foremost about the contact with entrepreneurs, and secondly to the companies and their products. The emergence of the one or other business relationship, and new ideas and suggestions is of course intentional. Most will be procured through relationships and when you consider that you should maintain its contacts and expand. Even seasoned entrepreneurs who have long and successfully run their companies here have the opportunity to provide themselves with information. Have fun building your networks… Danny Behrendt

Successful Entrepreneurs

Kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors in Berlin 09.03.2010 Berlin/Marburg. On March 4, the opening event of the Germany-wide network of Ambassadors took place in Berlin. The European Commission called last year in the life of the network, to promote business start-ups by women. As the step towards independence can succeed and be linked with family and private life, the Marburger Erfolgsunternehmerin Dr. Karin Uphoff described Managing Director of think-tank uphoff pr & marketing, in her keynote address. Together with about 100 guests from politics and economics, the 34 ambassadors celebrated the official opening of their network activities in the representation of the European Commission on March 4 in Berlin.

Representative of the European Commission, the Federal Ministry for education and research, entrepreneurs, financial donors and other partners engaged in with the question of how a founder-friendly climate can be created in Germany and which activities are required to increase the amount and quality of business start-ups and take-overs by women. “The EU corporate ambassadors assume an important task: they zip out”, to encourage nationwide other women to step into independence such as information days, lectures and a continuous presence in the media. The kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors was the beginning of a series of planned activities. As a successful and award-winning entrepreneur, Dr. Karin Uphoff reported about the ups and downs of being a women entrepreneurs. Their success story is to encourage women, to all”.

Work, family, and success are not mutually. For we women need to fight, confident and demanding to be public. Ultimately society as a whole benefited, if men and women together to make the German economy”, said Dr. Karin Uphoff. The network is an excellent Platform, to ensure the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the public, to make contacts and to enforce common interests in relation to decision makers in politics and economy.” As boss of 11 employees, 6 x mother and avid sportswoman, Uphoff lives in diversity. The post showed the Swedish EU corporate Ambassador Susanne rack marks that it requires courage, not only a good idea to have, but this also despite initial resistance to market. She reported her company FriGeo, which has developed a process to recover objects from the seabed with a special freezing technique stable and safe. Must entrepreneurs in the German economy fight against which prejudice? How are founders financially supported? And what can a company do so that women have the opportunity to develop their abilities and inclinations and succeed? To these and other challenges we went long in the Panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Christine, OrganoBalance GmBH, Managing Director, President of the Association of German entrepreneurs (VdU), Petra Ledendecker e. V., Dr. Margarita V. Tchouvakhina, Department Director Department of Economics of the KfW banking group and Brigitte Kreisinger, Honorary President National Association of professional and business women groups in the craft. “After the event take participants the opportunity to interact on the issues in detail and to make contacts and thus equate to what was recommended in her presentation Dr. Karin Uphoff: networks, wherever you are this is a decisive success factor!”

February Sales

So staff can use all functions of Regiograph planning optimally in sales planning, ranging from the basic steps for a professional sales planning, to tips and tricks in everyday use regiograph planning. When selecting the appropriate Regiograph – version and whether the summer package regiograph is the best option for the company, you should consult a professional advice for Regiograph. So, you can be sure that always the best version is elected by district. The 15th of July, the summer package regiograph is available with an attractive price advantage. Contact: regiograph-shop.de Beloch & fashions b GmbH Benjamin Beloch Guild Juan Street 17 D-48599 Gronau phone: + 49 (0) 2562 / 9922503 fax: + 49 (0) 2562 / 9922504 mail: In Regiograph-shop the Beloch & fashions b Geo marketing see in addition to RegioGraph known versions (Regiograph planning, Regiograph analysis, Regiograph strategy) also digital maps and market information for nearly every country in this World, so that you get complete from one source the perfect solution for your sales planning – ranging from individual consulting and analysis of needs through software and training of employees responsible for the relevant digital topographic maps and market information. Benjamin Beloch and Sebastian fashions b the loading hole & fashions b geo Marketing GmbH in the Westphalia Gronau founded in February 2008.

From the very beginning in terms of focused Geo marketing (and often related sales planning and sales management). Geo marketing complements the classical marketing mix to spatial and locational factors. Geo marketing increases sales and marketing decision security. By the addition of external market information, you quickly reach an objective decision basis for expansion, sales planning and media planning. Since May 2009 the loading hole & fashions b geo Marketing Ltd. of official distributor of fiberglass Geo marketing and supports companies in introducing and optimal use of recognized Geomarketing software RegioGraph.

HorExperten HoREX

HoREX HorExperten ensure learning success in school and up to 50 sounds the human sense of hearing can be distinguished professional in a single second. He provides numerous information and provides important orientation. What importance an intact hearing for the learning in school and study or in the professional life has, is often underestimated. Currently, the HorExperten of the HoREX listen acoustic EC nationwide over 430 Horakustik champion enterprises belong to the inform the elementary relationship between listening and learning. Interested parties have the opportunity to take a free fitness check her hearing in all stores in the community.

Powerful and very discreet hearing aids of all price classes for a few days can be tested without any obligation in the case. With them, it can often significantly increased concentration and absorption capacity. Whether in school, training and study or work provides a working hearing sure that we can absorb every day countless information and process”, so Mario Werndl, Member of the Board of hearing acoustics EC HoREX. But anyone who has difficulty hearing or understanding spoken words, which lack important information. And you must endeavor beyond measure to compensate for what was not understood, more or less. It comes to the so-called listening stress, which increasingly affects the performance and our general well-being.” What importance has an intact sense of hearing for our ability to learn, is often underestimated.

Schoolchildren, acoustically can follow the lessons, learn not only less; continued excessive demands and failures reduce also the joy of learning and motivation. Also in adults of all ages go unhandled hearing difficulties at the expense of mental fitness. Despite enormous efforts you grew less and less the diverse communication requirements of modern professional life. Current studies have shown even an increased risk of Alzheimer’s for all those who do nothing about slacking their hearing. Anyone noticed difficulties in listening to themselves or family and circle of friends should not put on the backburner”, so once again Mario Werndl. Learning success and mental fitness can substantially increase through modern and very discreet hearing aids. Save their carriers for vitality and performance at school or work. In the shops of our community can be mapped to each free and regularly check his sense of hearing. If necessary, we offer even the chance to test hearing aids of all price classes for a few days without any obligation in the own environment it.” In your area, you can find the HoREX HorExperten using the search feature on. Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance communities Hearing-acoustics industry. Today, nationwide over 430 listening acoustic master specialist businesses belong to her. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX provides future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification to its members. For more information, see

Exclusive Art For Wine Lovers: Red Wine And Architecture

Art portfolio limited to the topic of Bordeaux six contemporary artists, all wine connoisseurs and lovers, from Germany, Romania and Italy, the composition of wine, landscape and architecture of the region of Bordeaux have recorded in their works. Unique works of art in an Edition limited to 150 cassettes have been created. The representative cassette is crafted with bordeaux Red satin bound and contains six valuable etchings, leaf by leaf, individually, created by the artists, handsigned and numbered were. So, each sheet is unique and differs from the other. In addition, each etching has a real watermark. The year 1990: A wine lover has a vision.

He wants to transform the most famous wineries of the world into works of art. He hired artists from all over Europe and can make six etchings of say umworbener Chateau. Wine castles, that came through their wines to world fame and its name are for pleasure and luxury. This produces 150 noble cassette with 6 hand-made unique. After 50 copies sold are, it is quiet around the initiator and he withdraws from the business. Now, over twenty years later, the remaining 100 sets of limited edition showed up again and really get the hearts of wine and architecture lovers. Each single cassette in bordeaux Red satin bound and contains six valuable rarities. Each leaf is hand-signed and numbered a real unique.

Various sophisticated techniques were used to produce the etchings by each subject Gets a unique effect. Gorgeous castles such as the Chateau Margaux or the Chateau Latour are times strict, even playful staged. The evocative images remind you centuries long past, where nobility and upper middle classes lived in the French wine chateaus. Refer to for detailed information about the representative cassettes. Who searches for an exclusive gift or want to decorate his wine cellar, can get the etchings on request individually framed. Contact: Adhoc media gmbh Harriette cellar phone + 49 (0) 261 973865-0

Martin Schaarschmidt

Because love goes through the ears that there are often misunderstandings in the communication between men and women, is all too familiar. It is far less aware to however many, that such communication problems often are signs for an early hearing loss. In the merry month of may, Germany’s leading Horakustiker community HoREX invites therefore all interested parties a free partner check for better hearing in one of their nationwide over 430 stores. As well as the results of large forsa survey listening attest, can remedy in case of remaining hearing effectively modern and very discreet hearing aids; the improvements of the hearing be noticed especially by partner or partner. Subsides your own hearing, are affected by the onset of disturbed the partner or the partner mostly as first”, so Mario Werndl, Member of the Board of hearing acoustics EC HoREX. Bad sound interferes with the relationship. That’s why become active immediately, when the hearing.” Shows are the impacts that can have a post-crisis hearing specifically on relations between man and woman, also by previous large forsa survey results test listening, which runs on the initiative of the HoREX until early summer, and in the subjects with significant difficulty hearing and understanding two weeks modern hearing aids everyday. The to date evaluated over 1,500 participants, 55 percent thought especially life partner or life partner would have noticed her lower hearing.

But the results also show that it is worthwhile to take early action. As 64 percent of the previously evaluated participants said after the two-week daily test with modern hearing aids, that other people would have noticed, they would better understand their test devices as before. This the partner or the partner had found 49 percent of participants. Communication is also a very an essential part of human relationships; and the closer and a man is familiar to us, more falls in the weight, if we properly understand these people”, so once again Mario Werndl. Just in time for the warmer season we invite therefore all interested parties a free partner check for better hearing from the HoREX. You can get happy also with partner or partner in one of our nationwide over 430 stores.

Here, they get a free hearing test of the machine. In the case you can test without obligation tiny hearing aids of all price classes for a few days.” In your area, you can find the HoREX HorExperten using the search feature on. For more information on the large forsa survey listening on. Editorial Note: the hearing acoustics EC headquartered in Kreuztal HoREX was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading performance of hearing-acoustics industry. Today you are nationwide over 430 Listening acoustic master specialist businesses to. The HoREX care professional aims to offer an individual hearing solution people with hearing loss, which focuses on personal hearing requirements and a fair price / performance ratio. The HoREX provides future-oriented perspectives and an attractive shopping policy, extensive marketing support and numerous services, offers in-service training and quality certification to its members.