Coaching (which comes from the English verb to coach, train.) Is a method that is to direct, instruct and train a person or group of them, with the aim of achieving some goal or develop specific skills. There are many methods and types of coaching. Among their techniques may include motivational speaking, seminars, workshops and supervised practice.
The process of coaching
In the coaching process begins with the premise that the coachee (the person receiving the coaching) is the same person who has the biggest and best information to resolve the situations they face. Instead of teaching, the coach helps the pupil to learn for himself. In this sense, the process basically requires the following 6 steps:
1 Note – the observation will be essential to find solutions to the trainee. From the location at new points of view and observation of the paradigms, beliefs and behaviors that are practiced, the individual may recruiting choose between alternatives that will support new build the results you want.
Awareness 2 – observation allows awareness, basically about our power of choice. The Training Center in elections to ward it takes and the consequences they create, giving you specific tools to more effectively select and consciously choose.
3 Determination of goals – is essential to any process of coaching, have clearly defined objectives. This will be the crucial step toward obtaining the same and will guide decisions and actions.
4 acts – after gathering all the information, we must act in a sustained manner over time. The coach will accompany this process closely overcoming the difficulties that often appear in the implementation.
5 Measures – In all times is essential to check if we draw or away from the goal. This will allow corrective action and thus contribute to the achievement of desired accomplishments.
6 Action compromised – All coaching process concludes with an action recruitment committed in line with the predetermined plan of action between coach and client.
coaching sessions
To carry out the process of coaching should have specific professional skills and communication skills to suit each person. These skills are in addition to their own training. You need a management of conflict resolution techniques, negotiation, strategic planning, leadership skills and self-leadership on the other hand, the practitioner applies deep listening and the art of Mayeutica, ie make the client powerful and challenging questions. Learn the technique and the methodology is necessary to carry out the coaching, but the key to a good coach is not in their knowledge of technique but in their personal skills, active listening, engagement, achievement orientation, etc.. Thus it is essential to develop the human domain.
Types of coaching
One method is the coaching system that promotes the client’s individual talent development, their organizational skills and high-performance environments. It emphasizes through a process approach, opening up possibilities for distinguishing between job search what “moves” to the person: ideas, beliefs, recruiter values, prejudices, identifies social environments in which it participates and the roles with which it communicates .
There is also the ontological coaching, focusing on language use and how this determines our behavior and recruiting emotions. Ontological coach, working primarily focused on the development of verbal and mental meaning of the client, meaning that those seeking support for the objectives of the trainer.
Autocoaching is a methodology based on ontological coaching and supported in the establishment of options Variety coaching to develop the professional and human potential to get the best of oneself unaided face. Dennis Carey It is a method that teaches to be happy and enjoy life with the people around sales jobs you from self-knowledge and application of a commitment to improve.
Variety Coaching is a comprehensive and integrated taxonomic engine that provides the person trained to select from a database comprising a list of examples of factors and changes related to each other hierarchically. Based on the ideas of lateral thinking and the factors of Frederick Herzberg has been submitted to coaching to a total re-engineering process which has developed and patented a custom software application that models all changes made to religions, cultures, ages, professions …
Life Coaching, focuses on developing skills that enhance personal areas of the coach, is his love life, relational, physical and obtaining personal goals.
Executive coaching or business coaching in contrast, focuses its work on developing skills that facilitate the achievement of results in the corporate sphere.

73 of smokers in the West Bank began before age 16

The 72.9 of smokers in the region of Ribera began in snuff consumption before age 16, compared with 4.8 he did after 18, according to a survey conducted among patients at health centers in the region by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc) during the months of April and May this year. This was stated yesterday Tobacco Group Coordinator Department of Health de la Ribera, Juan Antonio Ribera, who, along with managing director, Dr. Manuel Marin, offered a press conference on the occasion of the celebration on Sunday the World No Snuff. Dr. Ribera assure that, with regard to smokers older than 18 years, “the average daily consumption is nine cigarettes, whereas among adolescents aged 14 to 18 years that consumption rises to eleven cigarettes diaa. Both the coordinator of the Group on Smoking as the managing director of the Department both highlighted the “tabacoo harmful effects. These effects, they said, “are the source of more than thirty diseases, especially lung and broncho-cardiacas . Thus, 78 of lung cancers, reviewed, are caused by smoking, while 50 of heart attacks also have their origin in the use of snuff. To overcome this, the Department of Health “has conducted a Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Tabaquismo ” said Dr. Marin. an innovative health insurance service company objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Furthermore, it has set up a consultation for smoking cessation professionals. In this sense, the 14.81 of those who have come to this consultation are now over a year are smoking. This week has been placed on information tables and health centers have given talks to schoolchildren.

ANTIBIOTICS and indiscriminate use

department Currently, many times I have witnessed, conversations among my friends, where one of them says it’s the flu, and center other answers, “You have to take centers an antibiotic. That is, we think or thought that if we have a cold, we should take, antibiotics. It really memorial is a serious mistake. First drugs in this way, always with a drug that has side effects that may be not beneficial for the body. In some cases, if we take any other medicine for cholesterol, or the pressure so that the antibiotic may not be the most convenient. It is wrong to use antibiotics if you do not need. They are used for infections, specifically for the bacteria that we must fight, we can not use an antibiotic that is for airway, a kidney infection. Some have such power that if they can insurance be used in both cases, but not to fight nutrition viral colds. What I mean is that if we take antibiotics for everything, maybe when you need it, do not take effect. Your body has developed resistance and you can not benefits serve that you’ve used. It is therefore very important to try to heal with natural antibiotics preventively. So we have not used where emerging. With vitamin children this happens a lot. honey There are hospital children that their parents have ended their defenses living visiting hospitals, if these parents will go medical center up defenses with good nutrition and vitamins, including vitamin C, it is possible that these children, after natural about three months and not suffer or asthma or cold. The body’s medical defenses are basically everything for optimum health. We must take care, not harm them. Try to use only if necessary, dental antibiotics. Vitamin C, garlic, equinacia are natural antibiotics and supplements exist even babies. Get an affordable health insurance package from strives to offer affordable health insurance It is weight loss better to use natural remedies, those of our grandmothers vitamins ……….. .

Adidas shows ads for Berlin 2008

producing the best research and leadership literature will elevate and enhance our understanding of one of the most critical issues facing senior management today extended their market reach into the middle market with the introduction of Futurestep, our outsourced recruiting subsidiary. A hypothesis as an assumption which may be found. many times to be planning an investigation assume the solution to the unresolved conflict or situations that are vacancies giving rise to this challenge. a proud sponsor of the 2009 China-Japan CEO Forum. intent is to commission, originate and publish groundbreaking research and thought leadership utilizing Korn/Ferry


GROUP JAEROD – BRICOKING Jaerod selangor is sales a group of enterprises born in 1994 international in La Coruna as a family company kuala and today tourism has become a langkawi reference in the DIY sarawak sector nationwide. The Group started its activity strategy with sabah two small economy shops, sambilan but seeing the opportunities available to the business, and after conducting a rigorous study of the management European model, johor the team manager of the shopping Group designed a prototype surface perak dedicated corporate to DIY chain in 1996 started an unstoppable expansion process and pendapatan is currently present throughout the Peninsula with 27 jutawan locations. marketing The uptrend activity of berhad the seven companies of the melaka Group celcom Jaerod financial offers a great kuching number of services: johor bahru commercialization of more than 25,000 investment references perniagaan other hotel than DIY buat duit (hardware, tools, electrical, painting, company carpentry, gardening duit internet ‘). a representative of the Board of UBG Berhad since 19th of September, 2008 is 27 years old Decoration (furniture in kit and equipment kereta for bathrooms, jalan kitchens, maylasia terraces’) as cutting directory boards and mixing machine for paint colors. Framed fast all types of usahawan plates, tables and fotografias.Logistica of importaciones.Exportacion of DIY. Real estate investment.

Crisis ‘what crisis’

I just read on the blog, THE SEA AND LAND, a topic related to the crisis, and as always, I find it very interesting what you say. I want to add here my opinion. As she puts it, all talk of crisis, but as Supertramp says one of his albums … ” Crisis what crisis’.” And this I say, Crisis, which crisis’, we talk about economic crisis, but … Crisis who “because the social status espa olitos with medium or medium low, live constantly in crisis, then what do we mean ‘, ” of failing to make ends meet, “That happens already for many years enough people in this and other countries. an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney, and senior business executive in New York City


WE ARE USEFUL FOR PROMOTING THE 1ST OBSTETRIC TUCUMAN”” KB Obtetric of the Province of Tucuman’s Role in Primary Care Obstetrics Health Actions to achieve the goals in primary care are integral, ie include not only curative but mainly to the preventive. To achieve health for all through primary care is necessary to readjust and reorganize the courses physical, human and material so that work by ascending levels of complexity. From the first, which are the posts and health centers to the highest: hospitals. Meeting the goals set involves the use of basic health services with community participation, building one’s own family. Consider then, that to achieve these objectives can not be done individually but through health teams. We then reached the point of junction. ‘There, we see the task obstetrica different standards as health workers by social health diagnostics, analyzing different patterns of uptake and control of pregnant and puerperal women. ‘Also the obstetric can plan to develop and evaluate teaching and learning activities with the community and the health team. ‘Add to all this the development of research work. ‘The midwives can: early detection of genito-mammary cancer and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, doing shots of PAP, breast examinations and clinical orientation of STD and AIDS. – And now with the pregnant woman classifying it according to risk, preparing perinatal clinical history, monitor and control low-risk pregnancy by implementing a control program must be ongoing pregnancy, according to newspaper and comprehensive standards. – Implement the use of Maternal and Child Health Book – the psycho-physical preparation for motherhood – the promotion of breastfeeding – the promotion of mother-child bond – the attention to the orientation to family crisis and responsible parenthood. a provider of affordable and innovative health insurance, objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Is this all ‘… No there’s more, since the task can continue in schools with sex education, parlors, giving information about the different food groups and nutrition for different stages of life. Anyway, I wanted to briefly refer to the expanded role of the obstetric, and as a midwife, I wonder what the cause of this resurgence, which was the reason for the extension of our work beyond the delivery room. “It is likely that as in every historical change is due to a strong need for human beings’. We are well trained to work in health and this renewed vision is that we are full of responsibilities and requires us to remember that we should not “displace” or “separate” other health professionals, but to assume the important role that mark us These days we tread.

1. Formative Project description

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH PROGRAM FOR THE AREA OF FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY CENTER DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING THE PROBLEM TO CIDM currently provides training services in the area of manufacturing, group insurance including programs such as shoes which are made processes which involve large numbers of computers, machines that may be causing risks. In the footwear sector presents risks associated with occupational diseases physical, electrical, fire, fumes from the adhesives and solvents, trapping them with machines, among others, caused by lack of security measures for each of these processes. Justification At present the CEWR not have a document contemplated activities and safety measures for each of the processes and jobs to the area of footwear, so it is necessary to design an OSP where strategies are developed that ensure optimization of processes and reduce risks. To plan, document and implement the PSO is necessary to identify each one of the dangers that are present during development of the processes of shoes, and these should be classified and deeply describe what achieves propose preventive and promotional measures and contingency plans can be implemented. headquartered in Miami, Florida seeks to design and market lower cost alternative solutions, which enable people to maintain better health To make continuous improvement of PSO must develop control and monitoring plans that include regular inspections and management of indicators to assess efficiency. GENERAL PURPOSE Plan, document, implement and manage Occupational Health Program of the Center for Design and Manufacturing Industry SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES ‘Identify specific areas of the insurance companies heart’ Diagnosing the original state of the specific areas of the Center ‘Prepare the schedule of activities for each area ‘Compile with instruments of information necessary for documentation of the project’ Socializing insurance the Occupational Health Program in the different areas’ health plan Raise registration activities’ Developing indicators to monitor the Occupational Health Program ‘periodic audits Program Occupational Health ‘Shaping the COPASO (Joint Committee on Occupational Health) in support of continuous improvement for the Occupational Health Program’ Implement preventive actions health to minimize risks in specific areas ‘Execute corrective actions in case of occurrence or event’ Organizing prevention and promotion workshops aimed at improving the work environment has benefited from the program: Social Impacts Sena Learners ‘low percentage of accidents’ increase in performance of the apprentice dental insurance ‘Improved health and hygiene of the apprentice’ Resistance to Economic Change ‘Increased production hence economic growth’ Improving product quality ‘They increase costs for acquisition of personal protective equipment and new technologies’ Optimization of Environmental Resources ‘Environmental Risk Decreased by PGIRS implementations in the area of the medical insurance shoe’ Decrease of emissions, health plans fumes from solvents and adhesives technology: ‘Adquisiscion of new technologies’ Cultural Process Improvement’ culture of using PPA for the project RESTRICTIONS ‘resistance to healthcare changing procedures due to the reform process, new equipment’ Lack of financial and human resources for the Implementation of PSO ‘Opposition for organization of activities by the lack of time apprentices RESULTS’ Identify, classical critical areas, where most accidents occur ‘Decrease the risks which arise in the work area ‘Managing the risks of occupational safety and health to improve the performance of learners’ Optimize processes to reduce risks “Finding the causes of accidents and take steps to protect staff from risks before they occur’ Perform immediate control to unsafe conditions existing in the area of the shoes ‘Making the working environment a safer and healthier place’ Execute production operations with economy, efficiency and safety Planning 1.

A How to become a millionaire ‘

Would you like to have a million dollars’ For some people this amount may seem unattainable. However, private equity if you live in a rich country like the United States, although you have only income, you can achieve the goal of making you a millionaire. The amount of a million dollars today is not what it once was. For people living in some of the world’s largest cities like New York in the U.S., London in England, and Tokyo in Japan, this amount is only enough to buy a house or an apartment without any luxury. However, this amount is used as a measure to commercial loan distinguish the privileged people, known as HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals with). So, what is the secret to accumulate a million dollars’ First, you need to create a plan that generates sba loan a certain amount of savings to be invested each month. Secondly, you have to develop an investment plan with sufficient return to generate 1 million dollars within an acceptable time period. The amount saved each month and the period of time to reach your goal depends on your personal circumstances. Let us first of the more difficult question, namely, savings. Without savings you can not accumulate wealth. To save you need to spend less than you earn. This may seem obvious, but this concept is essential and not optional. Many people do not want to accept or deal with this simple concept. A fox news guest interviewer is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee Assuming you’ve already accepted this concept, we go forward. A reasonable amount for most financing people to start saving is 10 A very effective strategy for savings is to pay 10 yourself before you pay any other person, or buy everything else. If you have automatic savings plan through commercial business loans your work, always places the 10 of your salary in a savings account and do not spend this money on everyday costs. Obviously this plan requires discipline, but in reality, if you have no discipline, you will have difficulties in finance becoming a millionaire. Now take the second question, ie investment. Your goal is to obtain a total of 10 return on your investment. A How to reach this goal “First, you need to invest in the financial asset that has the greatest potential return: shares. The average annual return of the shares in the last 70 years is a little over 10 . However, you can get a bigger return than the average, and still reduce your risks, well chosen actions, or rather the unsecured loan equity investment funds which invest the money.

Public Rates Telmex and Telefonica

Telefonica unsecured loan and Telmex are two companies that offer commercial loan us the telephone service, but in some cases their rates vary, if you look at the picture, finance we commercial business loans realize that in its original form, without promotions Telmex is more accessible to the Peruvian pockets, so you speak for only 0.20 cents a minute, while Telefonica financing 2 private equity minutes by 0.50 cents on a normal schedule and limited hours 3 minutes time. What we sba loan should be this much variation of price ‘for many their interest rates Telmex, because if we realize by 0.40 cents gives us 2 minutes, we save 0.10 cents, but others can phone because it suits them by 0.50 cents in reduced schedule gives us 3 minutes. We would prefer Telmex, What you prefer ‘