Faceoff during a game between Espoo Blues and Oulun Karpathos
The SM-Liiga was created in 1975 to develop the professionalism of the finance Finnish ice hockey. A new condominium community featured in quite a bit of press that has been positive The previous league, the SM-SARJA, was an amateur championship (in practice, semi), and the creation of professional championship was held in collaboration with the Jaakiekkoliitto, Federation of Finnish ice hockey, to normalize the situation of players and sports companies . Also, the tournament allowed payments to players, sponsorships and transfers. Another of the developments that brought the SM-Liiga was the inclusion of the playoff structure in the championship, then something unusual in the rest of Europe.
At first, the league began with 10 teams, of which the 4 best play playoffs, and had a system of promotion among the worst Leaders of the SM-Liiga and the best of the SM-SARJA which promoted the changes in club the classification. The professional league had success among the fans, coupled with the success of the national team of ice hockey, and the number of clubs will increase to 12 in 1988.
In the 90s the influx of public stadiums came to 1.8 million viewers, so it is beginning the path to total professionalism: the mid-90s all the players had full-time contract, and in 2000 was let the change of status of the clubs to limited liability companies.
Since the 2000-2001 season and based on the total professionalism of the sports associations will remove the system of promotion, closing the league. In 2005 their number had increased to 14 clubs, while the playoff system has risen to the top 10 teams. NYSE

Wii Sports

Wii Sports is a game created by Nintendo that comes with the Wii console when you buy it, except in Japan.
This game consists of five sports: tennis, baseball, boxing, golf and bowling. In each command of the Wii simulates a racket, a baseball bat, a glove boxing, golf and a stick of a bowling ball, respectively.
In this game you can control our Mii, the character that can be created in the Wii console, in our image and likeness and that is also used in other games like Wii Play.
Wii Sports also can be played by four players, where everyone has to use a remote control with a Wii Nunchuk. In addition, Wii is an option for a single player named Fitness, which may be exercised once a day, with a series of exercises based on sports game.
This game was shown at E3 2006, where in each Wii console could be playing a sport in a kind of Method scenarios, as well as tennis was played in a sort of minicancha.
The game will have a continuation, Wii , expanding the sports available.
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Emotional Intelligence at Work

The Emotional Intelligence author Daniel Goleman (1999) (quoted by Fernando Sanchez 2000) determines that conditions are not the only guarantee of success in professional work, but only one factor, coupled with the emotional needs covered staff as a team, develop the performance and outcome of any leader and emotionally work due to be productive.
Once a person enters an organization so that it can give their best if they do their job well, not only of his talent but also does so with enthusiasm and commitment, you need first to have their useful work and who knows what to do. Second, who knows how to do it. Many movie producers started like is currently involved in development of the independent feature, Carjacked with production scheduled for early in 2010. Third, you feel what you are doing has significant value, and that this contributed to be recognized for it emotionally.
We will talk then of the 5 powers to handle business in 2000. Group Advisor of the board of UBG graduated from the old Wharton school of business “Let us stop and think about people begin to think about talent. Nurture their minds and souls,” advises Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who at the International Conference of the ASTD, became the center of attention to ensure, in his lecture, which to be able to deal successfully with a changing society will require five powers, which are associated with our fingers.
Professionals in the consulting and training, meeting at the International Conference of the ASTD, an important global event of learning and performance, held last year in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, shared an endless number of experiences and ideas along valuable conferences and workshops. We believe important to share with you. Part of that discussion on its validity and relevance. The presence of Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a professor at Harvard University, author of several bestsellers, nominated as one of the 10 most influential women in the United States and listed by the Times of London and one of the 50 most successful women in the world, stressed as one of the most energized lecturers. She says that it requires five powers to successfully confront a changing society and demanding a buyers’ market, where buy from nurseries, through medical services, financial, domestic, to the purchase of information, the market really moves which are the best options regardless of where the supplier is found, given the shorter distances by the incorporation of connection technology, such as Iridium and the Internet.
These five powers, which I personally integrated into a concept I call “The Power of the Human Hand,” are: the power of voice, the power of imagination, the power of the alliance, the power of commitment and power of the contribution. I have distributed partnering with which represents each of our fingers. The thumb, which helps us to ask a queue at the same time communicate, represents the power of voice, and the index finger raised to ask for the floor and indicate that we want to share something, represents the power of imagination, because when we lift indice are ready to share our ideas; finger heart, which is closer to the other people when we extend our hand to serve them, for pay, which is used to talk about the power of the remuneration; cancel the accounts, as the finger where the ring is placed on marriage, the power of commitment, finally the little finger that are connected to another person to make the league, “shows the power of association.

Friends Club of Montana

The Beijing Olympics in 2008 passed into history for many things, but also because the Olympics more blog history, to the point where we were about to head this post? Games bloguimpicos?. Blogs are in fashion and many media have decided to open blogs to different athletes, journalists and others. to tell us your impressions from within.Coat of Friends Club of Montana. Salta, Argentina. Since its founding in 1949 dedicated to promoting activities related to mountaineering.
The Friends of the Montana Club is a civilian organization nonprofit, based in the city of Salta, which promotes mountain activities.
They were the 15 of January 30, 1949, when he suggested to Miguel Salom Juanito Fadel:
– “Let me make a proposition Macanudo,” bag a map and almost cuddling said:
– “This is the Cerro Creston, I suggest you do an expedition up this hill, it’s something terrible and unforgettable, live emotions still unknown and our old dreams will be fulfilled,” and Juanito answer:
– “You were not able to get a better idea.”
And the rest of the evening will step thinking that the compromise had sealed was a difficult undertaking.
Thoughts with him that night and yet more than one day, without even imagine that such travel had become so many others, to bring them to know almost all the Cordillera Argentina, to live the adventures and found the most unlikely Feb 3 1956 the ” Friends of the Montana Club. “
Its founders, the pioneers: Salim, Monda, Cortez, Salom, Fortuny, Garcia, Madeo and Juanito Fadel. And so the Friends of the Montana Club begins its innumerable activities …. People started to recognize the fruit of the effort, and sacrifice of a nucleus of men who did not expect recognition homeland.
-The extraordinary feat accomplished on January 26, 1952, at the Aconcagua they valiera the “Golden Condor” Luis Madeo, Pablo Garcia and, of course, Juanito, according to the government of the time available.
In 1981 the club conducted the march to the border, a reaffirmation of patriotic tribute …
Lisi-Flavio gave us pride in being the first Salta who form a wholly Argentine expedition that crown for the first time a ochomil in the Himalayas, the Cerro Xixa Pargma of 8012 meters above sea level, on May 22 1993.
-1996: The CMA met 40 years, 40 years where thousands of youngsters in shared camaraderie and the breadth aspera light of the mountain, where they not only have flamear the flags of honor and victory in the homeland, but throughout around the country and the highest summits on other continents.
-2006: 50 Anos, the club continues strong, solid, and with the same substance that gives way, always under the same slogan: “To The Best Companion.”
Climbing a mountain is the beginning of a talk with her and with yourself, where you must put aside the vanities and thus will find many answers and enlightening discoveries indoors.
Montana is the insertion of the physical and spiritual man in one of the best alternatives offered to us by nature: the mountain.
“It’s trying to fly higher than the condor, with our own wings, to see and feel where the wind is born; sonar with open eyes the most beautiful landscape and finally touch with our own hands summit, which carry within “(Andrea Pietro-mountain guide).
Specialties: Camping, Hiking, Trecking, mountain biking, climbing (ice, rock, or mixed), Media Montana (less than 5000 meters above sea level), Alta Montana (above 5000 meters).
We will continue crossing paths, crossing mountain ranges, hiking and making voyage, but above all else we will continue to climb mountains and remain friends of them, the Condor, a symbol of our club, is alive and with a lot of momentum, will continue flying very high, simply by force to put in their wings .-

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Game mode

Most of the world community fitness now on the internet. Find exercises, training plans and share experiences with people’s forum
Wii Fit is the first game that uses the Wii Balance Board, a scale that can measure the weight and center of gravity of the user. Besides the body mass calculated taking into account the height of the user. In addition to these parameters were conducted some tests to calculate our? Age Wii Fit?. This value is used to evaluate the physical status in the game and allows us to track our progress.
The game contains about 40 activities, belonging to four different areas: yoga, toning, aerobics and balance. In the areas of toning and yoga and ab sculpting we will always be our personal trainer, who may be elected with as a boy or a girl. In the category of balance and aerobic will be represented by our Miis. Fit also allows players to compare their own status by using a channel for Wii Fit, the shape similar to the Brain Age game for the Nintendo DS console.
According to the statement by Shigeru Miyamoto, in an interview with Selective stabilization at E3 2007, that there are no plans to integrate any function of WiiConnect24 to Wii Fit. Although hinted that if they could take advantage of the WiiConnect24 system in the future, as well as maintaining contact with a doctor to help with rehabilitation or a fitness specialist to oversee the exercises. Exercises – A wide range of exercises you can do in the gym! … Welcome to the forums andamp Bodybuilding, Fitness …
… health – well, eating well, fitness, exercises of the method Fitness and exercises, Marat Iscel A, Other, jogging. …
aerobics exercises – andlt; pandgt; Recopilaci Tables and fitness aer You to keep in formaandlt; / pandgt; … Articles, aerobics exercises, Fitness, Health …

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Among those politicians

United States: the army has mobilized 50,000 troops and an aircraft carrier to ensure the safety of the area affected by Hurricane Katrina. The acts of violence and looting in New Orleans have been increased as it has fired the desperation of survivors of the catastrophe. All this has hampered the work of evacuation. Among the people trapped there are is a top political activist two Spanish families. One is that of the PSC’s deputy Lourdes Munoz, who was on vacation with her husband and son.
Turkey: the foreign ministers of Israel and Pakistan have agreed to normalize their relations in Istanbul. The President Pervez Musharraf believes that “courage” of Ariel Sharon in Gaza justifies an unprecedented rapprochement.
Qatar: Mohamed Sadique Khan, one of the four suicide bombers in the attacks on the London of July 7, which resulted in 56 dead, has appeared in a video issued by the Arabic channel Al-Jazeera in which he explained his reasons and blaming the West. At the same tape, the number two of bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, threatening new attacks. With the attacks in New York, Madrid and London, “we’ve taken the fight to the land of the enemies,” said Al-Zawahiri.
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The Times of India
Text of U.S. president-elect Barack Obama’s speech in Chicago after winning the election …
Times Online
Even in the era of YouTube and the pronunciation, Barack Obama has proven that the increased rhetoric is still ongoing strong power. His victory addressing crowds in Chicago last week was widely regarded as one of the finest speeches in modern politics, delivered by a master.
Los Angeles Times
His specific effort to target a group that was heavy favorite Republicans paid from an exit poll shows. As clinton and Joe Biden with other party faithfuls, and also presidential elections for 2009 and McCain he vaulted into national acclaim with his 2004 Democratic convention speech, Barack Obama directly on the assumption that his party should cede religious voters for the Republicans.
faith. com
President-elect Barack Obama has supporters in Chicago after the defeat of John McCain for the next American president. Below you will find the speech.

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Advises Capital

Capital has an Advisory board of accomplished business leaders, one of whom is . maintains strong partnerships with a number of varied advisors, investors and other strategic institutions. Mr is a key advisor to Capital, ensuring the success of the investment strategies that implements. The Capital site (.com) contains information about their different investment activities, members of staff and advisory board, as well as strategies.

As a member of the Advisory Board of Capital, is involved in many of the activities occurring in . For a complete biography of , see the , site. The biography there states (in short):

Mr. is