Market Research Reports

A lot of market research reports on pointless gathering dust on the shelves, reminding customers of a waste. If the futility of market research data turns into the usual frustrating business experience, the use of inaccurate data can dramatically affect the business community in certain markets, or even put on the map the fate of the company. Marketing research is conducted in a variety of business areas that underestimate their impact on business success rather dangerous. It could be called a populist, not today's business environment is replete with a whole bunch of sad stories of market failure. The main thing is what you risk by using inaccurate marketing data – time, money, reputation. Incorrectly selected the target segment, improperly planned advertising campaign, inadequate price positioning, incorrect assessment of consumer preferences … Every misstep could spell disaster for the company, and the weaker its bargaining power, the more global consequences would be arbitrary decisions.

Insurance against bad decisions – reliable market information. What is 'reliable information'? As it may seem at first glance, the definition of 'authenticity' is quite simple. If not delve into the subject, it is generally the way it is 'authentic' means 'truthful', no more. But this is absolutely not enough in the business turnover, which requires much more precision than in the daily 'everyday' use. In Specifically, in marketing research to the concept of authenticity imposed very strict requirements. Among many factors of reliability information marketing attention should be paid to errors research process and the accuracy of interpretation and analysis of data collected.

German Quality

Start Laptops in the 21st century are no longer a novelty, than ordinary, unusual plants and now manufacturers are making laptops bias in the classification imposed on them by the press and users. From the notebook fujitsu amilo mini ui to full laptop fujitsu amilo si with a diagonal measurement of 13.3 “- these are the models that you can go into another business trip without worrying about what you have to lug a huge computer weighing 4 kg, and this without additional accessories! We decided to consider the opposite version of the mobile assistant – a laptop with a diagonal of 17 “fujitsu siemens amilo xa 3530 given at the factory Augsburg – Germany. Most users prefer powerful and reliable notebook models with a large screen with excellent resolution. And this monster was also a control panel to set and bag-pouch. All these advantages can be found in the Amilo Xa 3530.

Inside Media At the center of the processor company AMD (Competitor of Intel). For many, it is no secret that over the years in the life of the company’s processors people have developed negative feelings and responses. To blame the heat transfer eminent processor: For a long time they overheat even in computers, but what can we say about the mobile devices. But as time goes on and technology continues to improve with each passing day. To date, the greatest heat in the laptop graphic organize adapters, but not processors. Get rid of negative emotions and obsessions of the past, take to the processor with great confidence – he deserves it.

Video Card Laptop Fujitsu Amilo Xa 3530 – ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 Hybrid Graphics c 512MB is not new in the computer market, but this hardware, you can forget about the slow work of graphics and easy game to play all the new items. Screen with a resolution of WXGA + (1440×900) and BrilliantView technology clearly and vividly displays colors and fine detail – being a huge advantage when choosing a model for working with graphics or web design. Fujitsu Amilo Xa 3530 is equipped with two compartments for hard drives that can store more information or to arrange an array of RAID protect your data against inadvertent loss. Blue-Ray drive allows you to watch movies in the highest quality. Results of Fujitsu has tried to reflect all the advantages of previous models and to remove all the flaws in the new models Fujitsu Amilo X. Design and construction was carried out in order to Amilo adequately compensate the large computers are not just casual users prefer spending time in the company of computer games and movies, but also for design professionals. He zamechtelno suitable for users predpochtiayuschih have at home “notebook” is not able to give a full-fledged computers, and even be a bit better, maybe a step, but better. Price ranges from 33,500 laptops to 39 million. The price range is great as you can see and is closely consider all options. German quality is the advantage of notebooks made in China or countries like “China.” Well that price is not too high and remains affordable. Lows in the laptop and there is Disadvantages: Just a huge power supply adds a fly in the total mass vpechtaleny who knows what technological features of this model. But the big block is not a strong drawback – fujitsu positioned as a replacement home computer. The same manufacturer might puzzled more detailed guidance for users is not very well versed in laptops.

Italian Classics: Bags Furla

Furla – a family business. Three generations of Italian families Furlanetto worked to create a style Furla, today became a classic and a benchmark to follow. Aldo Furlanetto and his wife Margherita History Furla began in 1927. Italian Aldo Furlanetto traveled Europe, selling women's trinkets and small leather goods. In 1955, Aldo Furlanetto opened its first store in Bologna accessories brand Furla. Aldo Furlanetto realized that women need more refined accessories, he wanted to make leather products for sophisticated women. However, only in the late 70s she appeared Furla, you know and love the most elegant ladies of the world.

In 1977, the children of Aldo Furlanetto (Giovanna, Carlo and Paolo) created the first collection of leather bags. The success of the collection was an instant. Children of Carlo (Michele, Marco and Filippo) and son Giovanna – Giuseppe continued development of the brand Furla. Today the company has a large network of Furla stores. Milan, Paris, London, New York … – fashionable products Furla sold in 196 cities around the world in 64 countries. Made in Italy at affordable Many prices well-known Italian brand moved production to China.

Furla differs from them, which creates a great handbags from the finest Italian leather the best Italian craftsmen in Italy directly. Furla guide explains that they do not risk to make its production outside Italy, "not to lose that" artisan "style typical of the Italian tradition and being part of a huge cultural baggage, which always different from Italy. " Thus, Furla offers the true Italian quality and it is now its competitive advantage. However, the Furla bags can not be considered too expensive, if appreciate the level of the brand. For example, the price starts from Furla bags $ 300. Collection bags Furla, Spring-Summer 2008 Giovanna Furlanetto for Furla Giovanna Furlanetto (head of the fashion house Furla) has succeeded in maintaining the brand's popularity in the 21st century and an increase in sales worldwide. But this did not achieve its end: Giovanna has created an exclusive line of handbags Giovanna Furlanetto for Furla. Furla Talent Hub Furla Talent Hub – a search program of young creators. As part of the Talent Hub talented designers create a collection for Furla. Bags Furla: Youth Line Talent Hub, for Spring-Summer 2008

The Cons

Diagonal modest, and the sun does not see anything. Performance smartphone at the secondary level, some toys noticeably slow down, but if all of these shortcomings are not critical for you, feel free to recommend this smartphone. Fourth place – SAMSUNG i450 (7,500 rubles). Despite the fact that the phone is on sale for over a year, the unit is still competitive in its class. A rather unusual form factor 'dual slider', the axis of Symbian 9.2, the display size of 2.4 inches, battery works 2 days in normal mode and 12 hours of music playback non-stop. CPU power in the smartphone as a high level.

The model served as a music phone has a 3.5mm jack that will allow connect any headphones. Now for the cons: horrible compatibility with software for Symbian, a few months of active use appears backlash, a terrible camera and no WI-FI. All this, as you already understood, is a price to pay for attractive price tag. Third place – NOKIA E51 (9000 rubles) one hundred percent business smartphone, made in an elegant style, with a very strong case, includes a handy e-mail client, a battery capable of operating within three or four days without recharging at a fairly active use. The presence of WI-FI, the possibility to work both in GSM, and in 3G networks. Still an advantage can be attributed a very comfortable keyboard.

And then, unfortunately, was not without flaws. Display rather small for surfing the net, play the video quality is normal too fail. In addition, very frail camera. Second place – SAMSUNG L870 (8000 rubles) This elegant slider phone, covered in metal, went on sale six months ago. Please note, before you probably the best (!) Budget for the smartphone business. Posh display diagonal is 2.4, a powerful processor allows you to seamlessly play back video in 'native resolution' and play 3D heaped Toys for Symbian. Yet the main feature of this phone is a suite of applications at once bundled. Most interesting: a program to post photos on social networking, business card scanner, and to count the family softina budget crisis that is especially relevant. Specific disadvantages of only two: the lack of WI-FI and GPS. Although if they were present, so the quality unit would be in a different price segment. First place – NOKIA N78 (10 800 rubles) And here is the winner! The best smartphone in this price range, no other you will not find such an extensive functionality. N 78 includes WI-FI, GPS, decent sound, and the processor with a frequency of 342 MHz provides excellent performance. Camera 'only' 3.2 megapixels, but the pictures come out very good. The screen of this smartphone with a diagonal of 2.4 is quite impressive. It is great for reading books, surfing the internet and watching videos. Design smartphone very effective, though Glossy front socket is too easily soiled. In general, if you have such funds to purchase the phone, then N 78 will be your best choice! All the phones from this collection are good enough, you can only pick up smartphone for your needs, be it music or business.


Inter alia "Secondary educational" learning a language does not give a complete picture of modern slang, idiomatiki, information about the style of life and madder communication in modern France. Although knowledge of French today, not only "Nice", but also, inter alia, be useful. For example, today in France, public higher education is given free of charge, and scientific foundations and universities provide a range of scholarships and grants for education and training, a prerequisite of which is knowledge of French. At the same time, remember that the French language is spoken not only in France and Paris. French is the official language in 33 countries, including Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

In addition, this language is working in a number of global organizations. By the way, you anyway will also have the French language, if your activities related to computer science, laser, space and aviation technologies. Incidentally, the French business – school confidently holding the first places in the rankings of European countries. And yet, whatever the appearances, France was, is and likely will remain legislator of fashion trends. At the mere mention of France, once an association with spirits, wine, fashion and romance, beauty, grace and sophistication. So, maybe it's worth see all the eyes, wash our hands and go to France, in the city of lovers, all look at ourselves and at the same time, learn the language in the linguistic environment. By the way, a detailed map of Paris, almost the first thing to learn in the classroom language, everyone knows who had to learn the language.

Modern Folder

It is recommended not to delete this text and send the answer along with it. Thus, the recipient of your message can easily recall what was discussed in your previous correspondence. Sometimes, to this end, in one letter can contain more than 3-5 and the previous posts. Citation. When you reply to emails often used snippets quoting a letter to remind you what it is speech. This is one of the major advantages of e-mails. In most email programs quoted fragment released by 'more than' (>). For example: You ask me:> Tell me the schedule of upcoming activities of our> company for the next month.

Sending you a schedule attached file … sort incoming messages. Incoming e-mail messages should be sorted by folder that you created. Any Modern e-mail program allows you to easily do it. Part of coming to your messages, you will be removed. But part of (and in my experience very much) to save. To then easy to find the desired letter, sort all incoming mail to your folders.

For example, I use about 20 different folders. In the folder 'business', I put messages received from sponsors and from the company in the folder 'distributors' I put message on their distributors in the folder 'psychology' I keep a mailing list on relevant topics, etc. Smilies (Smileys). '… Smile – it's not just swatches kryakozyablovogo art, small trenazherchiki for the imagination, but also essential component of nonverbal substitutes of human communication in general klaviaturizatsii, tehnokratizatsii, and increasing removal of human rights …

XML Information

Currently, the IT market is actively moving towards service-based, architecture (service-oriented architecture, SOA). This is due to the fact that corporate IT does not meet the requirements of the market. As a result, in Russia there are more and more SOA-projects, to reduce IT costs and proximity to the business of IT. Most businesses have a variety of application systems, many of which are inherited, as well as systems and platforms from different manufacturers. For IT services integration issue is topical. Companies seeking to improve their competitiveness through rapid response to market demand.

Business needs to make decisions in real time. But you need that modern IT infrastructure is flexible. For the successful development of an enterprise should consolidate existing information systems and establish a framework to address new business challenges. SOA-platform iJNet Framework Ultra – a tool for integrating business processes of any enterprise information systems, as well as the development tool of composite applications. Component-based approach, the underlying technology iJNet Framework Ultra , allows you to create a universal, easily integrated with different technologies, end information solution. Built-in platform development tools, composite applications, as well possible to develop corporate enterprise information system, combining the functionality of existing applications and data with new business logic and user interfaces. The platform is implemented technology-based J2EE, that allows herself, as well as deployed on the basis of its final decisions to use tried and proven capabilities of J2EE data access, maintain transactional integrity, security and resiliency. Platform iJNet Framework Ultra uses open standards for information exchange based on XML, which allows you to easily integrate with external systems.