XML Information

Currently, the IT market is actively moving towards service-based, architecture (service-oriented architecture, SOA). This is due to the fact that corporate IT does not meet the requirements of the market. As a result, in Russia there are more and more SOA-projects, to reduce IT costs and proximity to the business of IT. Most businesses have a variety of application systems, many of which are inherited, as well as systems and platforms from different manufacturers. For IT services integration issue is topical. Companies seeking to improve their competitiveness through rapid response to market demand.

Business needs to make decisions in real time. But you need that modern IT infrastructure is flexible. For the successful development of an enterprise should consolidate existing information systems and establish a framework to address new business challenges. SOA-platform iJNet Framework Ultra – a tool for integrating business processes of any enterprise information systems, as well as the development tool of composite applications. Component-based approach, the underlying technology iJNet Framework Ultra , allows you to create a universal, easily integrated with different technologies, end information solution. Built-in platform development tools, composite applications, as well possible to develop corporate enterprise information system, combining the functionality of existing applications and data with new business logic and user interfaces. The platform is implemented technology-based J2EE, that allows herself, as well as deployed on the basis of its final decisions to use tried and proven capabilities of J2EE data access, maintain transactional integrity, security and resiliency. Platform iJNet Framework Ultra uses open standards for information exchange based on XML, which allows you to easily integrate with external systems.