Profigold: Cables for IPod High-performance


Bandridge announced the relaunch of its successful and newly enhanced product line Profigold during its annual congress with its distributors in Egypt. With decades of experience in the world of connectivity, Bandridge has marked a new phase with connectivity solutions for high quality: Profigold. Developed to respond to the latest digital technology, Profigold represents the obvious response to a sound and an experience of exceptional vision.


FC Barcelona, ranked second, continues its negative streak in the Spanish League soccer not to move from a tie without goals (0 — 0) at its stadium in front of the Espanyol, this Saturday in the Catalan derbi the 32 th day of the national championship.
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UNICEF: Child Poverty and Hunger in the Face of Climate Change

More often than not, global warming is seen only as an environmental problem. More often than not he was associated with undesirable effects. Many believe that hamper the lives of human beings on Earth, however, fail to understand this phenomenon for what it essentially is: a transformer of the social and economic processes.

Assuming that a change at environmental always involves a transformation of relations between human beings and natural resources. That certainly has to do with the economy, more precisely, with production processes and distribution of resources.
A recent UNICEF document entitled? Our climate, our children, our responsibility?, Brings up a key issue for the future of programs for poverty eradication: climate change on our planet.
According to studies conducted by the UN agency, global warming could cause the deaths of between 40,000 and 160,000 children per year in Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa. Even if temperatures increase by two degrees Celsius, 200 million people could face hunger, a number that was shot up to 550 million if they exceed the three grades.