Enable Air

Sometimes to them add more and productivity when working in recycle mode, which is even smaller. REMOVE FILTER OR? Often you can read that kind of model can work in two modes: air vent in the regime recycling. In the first case, drawing sucks air out of the kitchen and throws it into the ventilation. In the second – the air is sucked stretch passes through filters, cleansed and released back into the kitchen. For the second option but to pre-filter (fat) requires more additional filters (usually charcoal), cleaning the air of small particles of soot, smoke, grease and neutralizes odors. Performance in this mode, exhaust significantly lower. Hood, working in recycle mode, only needed where there is no way to ensure flow of air out. MANAGEMENT Management hood, is usually performed several buttons: Enable different regimes of power and lighting control hob.

More "smart" devices automatically included as soon as the cooking surface is activated. It is very convenient, because all smells are trapped immediately to the same extract only works in a time when it is really necessary. Is convenient and automatic drawing off some time after the end of the cooking process (Of cooking surface), which allows you to completely remove remaining odors. In an even more clever models automatically adjusts the power of work. Often, instead of push-button control panel operates the touch. There are models that are managed from the console. There are hoods, whose work can be programmed to put on ahead. Quite familiar to users was indication of operating modes.

It's much more convenient, when we see which mode works hood. Indicators can serve as a glowing light bulb, and illuminated the contours of figures indicating the level of speed, and even beep when switching resonant mode. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Any drawing can illuminate the cooking surface. In this position lamps differ quite strongly. The most common version – in the back of the drawing, the wall – is the least convenient, because in this case, the shadow of the hand will fall to the cooking surface. The new models also provided an opportunity to increase or decrease the intensity of light output, focus, lighting above the work surface or lighting throughout the kitchen. In many contemporary models of light turns on automatically when you turn on the device. Some models have a shelf or rails. It is very convenient, because the kitchen is not always enough space, especially for small items.

How To Choose Car Mats ?

More and more frequently in autumn-winter period, you begin to notice that the mud and water from your carpets began to filter in the upholstery of your favorite car. If so, then it is time to go shopping for new car mats. At first glance it might seem that choosing something themselves, and not anything else, but this view is wrong there are car mats for the car interior or trunk. In order to fully protect your car from dust and dirt, it is better to buy both of them. Mats in the car interior mats are versatile and original, ie produced under a specific model of car. Universal mats are made of heavy rubber, as a rule, they have side. To fit different models of the existing line trimming, but even if you correctly and accurately carve them, they will not lie perfectly.

In addition, these mats have a relatively short lifespan. The only advantage is their universal mats cheapness and availability. The original floor mats can be rubber, and textiles. Rubber original carpets are made from high quality material, however, most often side with them is low (about 1 cm), and their value above the cost of the universal. Although the height of the sides has no special meaning and is a subjective criterion. The fact is that in deep carpets often accumulate large amounts of water that can soak into the legs of pants and leave the white salt stains. Another nice addition is that if your car provided staff retention mat, the rubber – these places for anchorage necessarily. Textiles (nap) original floor mats have the rubber coating on the reverse side.

The main advantage is their high moisture content, have an aesthetic appearance, easy to remove and not expensive. Lows in the fact that they long to dry. Textiles (nap) mats must be rubber-based, otherwise the moisture can seep and soak into the carpet car. This can cause premature corrosion of the body. Quality tufted carpets on the rubberized base, in turn, are able to absorb up to two liters of water to get rid of which may be using a simple brush (pulled and cleaned carpet) or a car vacuum cleaner. Mats in the trunk mat in the trunk are plastic and rubber. Plastic mats in the trunk are made under particular model of car, made of durable material, have a high side (about 5 cm) and are designed to protect the carpet luggage compartment from dirt and water. Many plastic rubberized mats provided covering the center of the mat that prevents sliding cargo. Rubber mats in the trunk are usually universal, with special trim lines, so that they can fit virtually any car. Skirting in these models, there is little, and if there is, their height is extremely small. Shortcoming is the high elasticity of the mat: get a pad out of the trunk, did not wake up the garbage, almost impossible.

Pool Construction

Construction of pools – it's a real art construction of complex structures, which are always being filtered and recycled, and is constantly a process of disinfecting water. Before you start building pools need to choose their seats. One of the main factors when carried out construction of swimming pools – is struktutra soil the place where the pool will be built. In the case of clay soil, you need to dig pit size is much larger compared to a mirror pool, and fill its space with sand and stone, which absorbs the harmful effect of the plasticity of clay, and produces better drainage basin surrounding soil. Construction of the pool in this case we can assume was the minimum necessary to a successful outcome. Features of soil and geographic location * Unstable soil and sand. Construction of pools should done quickly. To prevent the settling of the soil work needs to be reinforced concrete screed.

* High levels of groundwater. When groundwater is rising, they put pressure on the design from the bottom up. Construction of the pool, for this reason must be accompanied by good external drainage, combined with the main drainage system. In this case, the hydrostatic valve is installed so that it prevents the pressure groundwater at the bottom of the tub basin. * Rocky ground. This is a unique material that ensures durability of the foundation. * The mountain slopes.

Alluvial or surface layers must be removed to avoid the possibility sliding base. The final pit must be lined with concrete. * Slate soil. Pulled out a large pit, as in the case of sandy soil, leveled concreting. Construction pools. Base of excavation should be prepared and aligned concreting (composition of the solution – 1 part cement to 4 parts sand) and covered with a stabilizing layer of gravel and sand. Not unimportant role played by material which fills the space around the pool. Experts advise, construction of the pool will be performed superbly, to use permeable materials. During the construction of the pool is better to use situ concrete strength grade not lower than B30 and water resistance not less than W4. Manufacture of the pool includes the following stages: 1. Casting of the pool with the Installation of the embedded hardware tab on the workers and mating seams of the hydrophilic profile. 2. Smoothing the transition 'wall-floor'. 3. Alignment, if necessary, vertical surfaces after removal of the formwork. 4. Application of a flexible waterproof membrane through reinforcing mesh in two layers. 5. Laying cladding material. 6. The pointing between the tile joints. 7. Filling in between the tile joints flexible sealant in the conjugated 'wall – a wall', 'floor – wall'. Interior finishing order for your pool served even longer, it is necessary to take into account factors such as finishing and waterproofing. Finishing the inner surface, the construction of pools, you need to mosaic glass rod or film. The choice of solution depends on the location Pool: indoors or outdoors.