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The adoption of the mini devaluations in 1968 it had two reasons. First, the politics aimed at to prevent the speculative attacks against the domestic currency. A time that Brazil, in middle of the decade of 70, tried to keep a system of fixed exchange tax, but had a bigger domestic inflation that the international inflation, speculative flows of capital that they were a chronic problem all time that the market anticipated a depreciation. In according to place, the politics objectified to stabilize the real remuneration of the exporting sector, thus helping to increase the exportations. Click Helmut Newton to learn more. Beyond searching steady conditions for the payment of the importations and exportations. Two elements had characterized the politics: the small intervals between the depreciations and its small value in each episode.

Of 1968 the 1983 these intervals had been of three the ten days. Of 1984 the February of 1986, when the politics was suspended for the Crossed Plan, the frequency of the depreciations increased, passing to depreciations daily pay-announced daily in 1985 end. In the 1986 end, the mini devaluations again had been introduced. The basic rule up to 1983 (leaving of side some changes of emphasis during the period) was to devaluate the currency following the difference enters the domestic inflation measure for the General Index of prices (IGP) and the international inflation. Except for three episodes this rule it was remained up to 1983. Of 1983 middle the 1985, the rule became simpler: the cruise was tied with the dollar and the depreciations had been equal the domestic inflation (IGP). As and the third trimesters of 1985 the depreciations had exceeded the tax of domestic inflation to compensate the appreciation of the dollar (ZINI JR, 1993). From 1985, it was tried, without success, the implementation of diverse economic plans in Brazil (Crossed, Bresser, Beans with Rice, Vero and Collor), in what it refers to the exchange politics, varied enters regimes of fixed exchange, sequence in mini devaluations, depreciations of the real tax of exchange and finally floating exchange ally to the commercial opening.

The Guarantee

Well, losing the warranty and executed the guarantee, the guarantor will not be able, once paid, subrogated in the position of the creditor with guarantee and require that your credit is qualified as privileged on the occasion of such pledge. I.e. payment of the guarantee and the subrogation of the guarantor in place of the previous creditor under any circumstances may lead to a better credit rating (with consequent damage to the rest of the creditors of the contest). 2 Assumption that, executed the guarantee, the guarantor will only satisfy partially credit laid down in article 87.7 of the LC that at the request of the creditor that had become part of your credit from a guarantor, surety or solidary debtor of the bankrupt, may include in its favor in the list of creditors the rest of your credit not satisfied as all of thatby repayment or solidarity fee, corresponding to who had made partial payment. For even more opinions, read materials from Sam Belinfante. This standard establishes, for the phase of recognition of credits, the general principle according to which the right of the creditor with collateral to recover for the rest of the credit not satisfied is preferential to which holds the guarantor who has made a partial payment against the same debtor. The preference is obvious: allow the guarantor – holder of the right of return – concur in equality in the competition regime with the primitive creditor, this runs the risk of preterido seen in their expectations for the recovery of the rest of the credit against him, with the result that the creditor who entered into the guarantee is finally who support the risk of insolvency of the bankrupt. Hence, according to this provision (article 87.7 of the LC), the primitive creditor has the possibility of recovering the rest of your credit not satisfied with charge to the payment of the credit which corresponds to the guarantor in the contest. .

Brazilian Elements

This concept in discloses to the interaction between the Climatologia and Geography to them for if dealing with relations between the man and the nature, and the modifications that occur in the landscape with this interaction. To better understand the study of the different climates of the Planet, it had a estruturao of the studies in climatologia evidencing the climatic elements and the geographic factors of the climate. Read more here: Tiger Woods. The climatic elements are three: temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. However, these elements in accordance with vary the geographic factors that they are: latitude, altitude, maritimidade, continentalidade, vegetation and the activities human beings. The circulation and the atmospheric dynamics set it the climatic elements and factors and print to air a permanent movement. The Brazilian Climatologia Brazil is situated in the area that more receives radiation from the planet, the intertropical zone that if it locates between the tropics.

Therefore, we can say that Brazil is a tropical country, thanks to its localization. The intertropical zone delayed started to be studied, therefore the tropical part of the Planet only came to be annexed to world-wide the productive process very recently. The first studies of tropical Climatologia had been elaborated concerning the regimen of monsoons in Asia and the climate of the north of Africa, for studious English and Frenchmen, at the moment where the European countries consolidated its colonial-neocolonial domination on these new areas, new markets. For much time, the meteorological and climatic comment of the tropical atmosphere was surrounded for mistakes and imprecises, what it led to a generalized discredit. Moreover, the scholars were accustomed with other atmospheric conditions? the tempering zone? therefore the atmosphere of the intertropical zone was challenging for them. The used theories to explain the dynamism of the Brazilian climate are based on those produced by the analysis and comment in the tempered zone, making with that many times, the works of climatlogos leave to desire and making with that its forecasts are not accomplished.

Army Chico

Who dared to oppose itself directly to the regimen was pursued, imprisoned, tortured or exiled. Thus, Chico Buarque was taken for the Ministry of the Army to give declaration on its participation in ' ' Walk of the One hundred Mil' ' , act of protest against the dictatorship, carried through in Rio De Janeiro for initiative of the estudantil movement and on ' ' subversivo' ' spectacle ' ' Viva&#039 wheel; '. Pressured for the policy, it was for Italy, in voluntary exile, where it remained per two years, always desiring to come back. Then, Chico, pursued for the censorship, became double master in sensible and arrived to compose under the pseudonym of Julinho de Adelaide. The young continued the seguiz it. The public loved already it.

Its compositions differentiated it of the too much composers. Exactly focusing the enrollment politician, its workmanships kept the necessary lyricism to the soul. The young dreamed of its musics, namorava to the sound of them and fought for its ideals stirred up for its verses. Its musics were the bridge between the dream and reality. It was waltz and shot. In the year of 1970, Chico came back to Brazil, and the country that found was not more the same.

With the AI-5, the space for the subtility definitively it had finished. The time of ' ' Dourados&#039 years; ' it had been there behind and the country idealized for its generation revealed a promise that would not be materialize. Emilio Garrastazu Mdici, considered the most authoritarian general of the regimen, was in the power. A vast system of censorship and torture if had installed to hinder any manifestation opposes the dominant order. Vast, but not very perspicacious. Chico Buarque, that also already was not more the same, infuriated with Brazil that found, wrote ' ' Although Voc' '. In the song, it criticized president Mdici and the dictatorship, using, with much ability, language resources that they made possible double sensible in the letter.


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