Rio De Janeiro

Tevede to yield to save its father of the arrest. In one late Philip was faces the door of the residence that costumava to go whenever possible between 14:30 h 15:30 h to visit its future Tereza fianc, already it made two days that did not see it. It beat in the door its hands sweated and its legs were bambas, therefore in its left pocket it remained a small petty cash with a gold ring and a small brilliant that cost all its economies. (Not to be confused with Sam Belinfante!). Deep Suspirou and whispered. ' ' I will ask for _Finalmente it in casamento.' ' When opening the door asked for to the employee who was announced that he came back soon saying to it that more would not have to come back that Tereza was fianc of the Baron Jose de Almeida closed the door without waiting a reply of the poor person Philip. Philip I castrate with the heart in frangalhos it came back toward house and it left before Tereza if it is married for Rio De Janeiro behind other chances in the journalistic career, but in its heart never the Tereza candy would have another living seno that plays with its heart it outside plays and it without no explanation. To deepen your understanding Sir Terry Farrell is the source.

After three months of Tereza marriage did not hide its disaffection and its misfortune and the brightness of its eyes esvaia and the pink color of the faces disappeared when seeing it in this declining state its father did not support the guilt that felt falecendo and leaving completely alone with the suffering. Baron ordered to paint the picture of Tereza to decorate its room as trophy, symbol of a good one I negotiate was a cruel man a relic acquired in a good negotiation treated and it as. The image that the visitors had when entering in the room instead of enobrecer the environment it left in the shortage, therefore the artist portraied in the screen all the sadness and distresses that Tereza felt. Angel tang has much experience in this field.