Italian Spanish Translator

It is possible that some translators lose business because of machine translation, but in general only translators who are not sufficiently qualified are affected. For a translator certified and experienced as for example, a professional Italian-Spanish translator with a degree in translation and is a native speaker of the target language (Spanish in this case), there would be no difference. Some companies assume that they can reduce costs through the use of machine translation to translate your documents for business, manuals, contracts, etc. They know the problems that presents the automatic translation and also know that you can always get a human translator to soften any deficiencies. Perhaps this may be true, but it won’t cost them less. First, they have to invest a considerable amount of money on a program of high-level translations. Secondly, they need human translators for editing, and translators don’t edit automatic translations from Italian to Spanish for a pittance. To correct the edition of a bad translation is always easier to translate the plf from scratch, since there is also the probability that the editor be overlooked him some errors.

Most of the more sophisticated automatic translation programs can master simple sentences and this allows them to grammar and syntax in the target language may be correct, but that does not mean that the information being transmitted correctly. Language is one of the most unpredictable human activities and can never really be incorporated in a strict regime of rules and regulations. Translation requires to understand the source text. Without understanding, there is no way that the translator can convey the meaning of the original text correctly. Understanding is a human skill, a computer does not understand.

The State

The State shall provide financial mechanisms that will make possible the access of all suitable persons to higher education. ARTICLE 70. The State has the duty to promote and encourage access to culture for all Colombians on equal opportunities, by means of permanent education and scientific, technical, artistic and vocational education at all stages of the process of creation of the national identity. The culture in its various manifestations is the foundation of nationality. The State recognizes the equality and dignity of all who live in the country.

The State shall promote research, science, development and dissemination of the cultural values of the nation. ARTICLE 71. The quest for knowledge and artistic expression are free. Economic and social development plans shall include promoting Sciences and, in general, to the culture. The State will create incentives for people and institutions that develop and promote science and technology and other cultural manifestations and will offer special incentives to individuals and institutions engaged in these activities. ARTICLE 72. The cultural heritage of the nation is under the protection of the State. Archaeological heritage and other cultural objects forming part of the national identity, belong to the nation and are inalienable, unattachable and indefeasible.

The law will establish the mechanisms to repurchase them when they are in the hands of private individuals and shall regulate the special rights which could result from the ethnic groups who settled in territories of archaeological wealth. ARTICLE 73. Journalistic activity shall benefit from protection to guarantee its freedom and professional independence. ARTICLE 74. All persons have right of access to public documents except in the cases established by law. Professional secrecy is inviolable. ARTICLE 75. The electromagnetic spectrum is a public good inenajenable and imprescriptible subject to the management and control of the State. Ensures equal opportunities in access to its use in the terms fixed by law. To guarantee informational pluralism and competition, the State will intervene as mandated by law to prevent monopolistic practices in the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. ARTICLE 76. Repealed (article repealed by Decree 2001 2887) article 77. The Congress of the Republic, at the initiative of the Government, issued the law that will set policy in the field of television (article amended by 2887 Decree of 2001) the Doctor Jose Orlando Magno is one of the scientists philosophers more young people who owns the country. It has a large number of published works. in his last statement can assure the country advances little by little investment in education, since the largest investment in colombia this 12thcentury war, reason by which the brains of colombia are runaways, otherwise live practically destitute, as it happens with the Colombian teachers. Since the State looks at them as tools and a number more than workers.

The Dollar Is Acting Up

The greenback's trade today The USD / JPY fell The volumes were moderate Traders bought dollars Night view We await more sales The USD will probably be consolidated for Tuesday All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 11:00 am, Stern, member of the FOMC, speak 1:15 pm, Bernanke, Fed chairman to speak 2:00 pm, the minutes of the FOMC 3:00 pm USD Consumer Credit m / m Traders bought dollars. The stock market fell nearly 800 points late in the trading session, while the DJIA was around the area of the 10,000, the NASDAQ reached the 1800 Area, which involved values that were not recorded 10 years ago. Oil also fell, reaching the area of $ 90.00 per barrel, and many traders away from commodities. That is why the dollar rallied, and other major currencies fell, except the USD / JPY, the USD / JPY fell over 600 points, minimum recorded in the area of 100.22, leaving the safe haven yen as of today. The GBP and EURO fell sharply, below technical levels, and the greenback may continue to take profits, but apparently there are few buyers after the move of the day. The minimum record book in the zone of 1.7335 and the euro area recorded lows of 1.3453. Dominated the market with great fear, and buyers were not for the other currencies. In my view, the USD is acting as a safe haven. In a situation like this is almost impossible to find the way into the majors, because the market is moving with little sense, several operators are in a panic, and will not leave their dollars.

Expensive Treatment Cost

The primary care not enough out, which helps a dental insurance beautiful teeth have their price, but as a result of health reforms, the solution is private dental insurance here as the legal funds except for a low fixed subsidy pay hardly anything. A good insurance but accepts up to 100 percent of the cost depending on the tariff. Particularly in the present economic situation, finally good and at the same time affordable dentures is becoming increasingly important. Dental care must be not always expensive because there are massive price and performance differences in the dental insurance. Therefore, always a comparison of different prices, services and tariffs worth.

Typically, the dentist before a larger treatment creates a cost and plan of salvation, in which all costs are included, by the statutory health insurance and which are covered by the patient. In case of doubt, what costs are covered, you should contact directly the competent statutory fund. Thus one costly interventions alone sitting on the high proportions of equity remains, is the conclusion of a dental insurance makes sense. Your dentist can certainly tell you what services should be included in your insurance anyway, so your costs are largely covered. The statutory health insurance is basically namely only if the treatment is medically necessary and the type of treatment in the service catalog is listed. There is also a prerequisite for the fixed subsidy, that the treatment is carried out by an approved Panel doctor. One is asked for everything so goes beyond these basic services, even to the cashier and because dental treatment bills amounting to several hundred or even thousands of euros get together, you should think seriously about concluding a dental insurance.

This assumes also the costs for fillings, implants, inlays and the here generated private medical account shares after an initial waiting period of eight months depending on the tariff. Twice in the year recommended professional tooth cleaning and prophylaxis will be refunded as well usually. In any case, you should take the contract closely before completing a dental insurance and compare with those third-party services. Our comparison calculator on dental insurance test is you a big help. Diessl Kurth Finanzmanagement GmbH & Co.KG

Travel Insurance

Information about providers and compare vacation the best time of the year. The booked trip can be very cheap or very expensive. Everyone has to take out the possibility of a once – or annual travel insurance. The contract can be agreed with or without excess. Advance booking period must be checked. Here, the following information is particularly important: departure travel end travel sum 1 posting date of travel once or annual travel insurance with or without excess nee data of the passenger travel participants in domestic community live secure travel is a cooperation partner of various travel insurance company and receives the booking instructions of the respective provider.

If the booking period fits a desired travel insurance plan can be completed. (Here are some explanations: 1) start of the trip – when leaving your home and take the journey? (2) when do you actually home completion of travel -? (3) amount of travel – the travel sum consist of a flat-rate booking can be booked individually. The telephone Booking, online booking or the booking in the travel office is possible. Here, the total cost of the trip must be named. 4) 1 posting date of the trip – travel insurance is for the 1 booking date or the date when the traveler has received the confirmation key. Here are the corresponding notes of the travel insurer to consider. (5) one time insurance – insured a trip by the start of the trip until the end of the trip.

The duration of the trip is crucial for travel insurance as the travel period can be limited. Annual travel insurance provides insurance protection for unlimited travel. However the sum of the travel and the travel period must be checked again each, as for annual travel insurance for an insured sum is applied. Should the trip be higher, it is possible to insurance of course.

Labeling System Steels

The system of marking of steels and alloys in Russia, produced in the world of steel and alloys have a fairly broad range. However, to date there is no unified system for marking of steels and alloys that could used throughout the world. In Russia and the CIS countries adopted early in the Soviet Union developed an alphanumeric designation system steels and alloys, where, according to state standards, conventionally denoted by letters of the names of elements and methods steel production, and the figures – the content elements. Letter symbols are also used to specify how the steel deoxidation 'KP – boiling steel, PS – poluspokoynaya steel joint venture – a quiet steel'. There are certain particularly refer to different groups of structural steel, construction, tool steel, stainless, etc. Common for all designations are the marks of alloying elements: N – Nickel, X – chrome, K – Co, M – molybdenum, V – Tungsten T – Titanium W – copper, T – manganese, N – silicon. Structural steel of ordinary quality undoped (GOST 380-94) denote the letters ST., For example ST.

3. Figure standing after the letters, conventionally denotes percentage of carbon steel. Construction unalloyed quality steels (GOST 1050-88) indicate double-digit, indicating the average carbon content in steel (for example, ST. 10). High-quality steel for production of boilers and pressure vessels in accordance with (GOST 5520-79) is referred to as structural non-alloy steel, but with the letter K (eg 20K). Structural alloyed steel according to GOST 4543-71, indicate letters and numbers.


The concept of emotional intelligence has given much of that talk in recent times, both that it has aroused interest in the more diverse scenarios, one of them has been the organizational context. Many organizations have taken the call emotional intelligence as a criterion for selection and development of personnel, due to the incessant changes and the increase in competition. The focus is on the conviction that it is the intelligence of employees (view from the ability to adapt and find creative solutions to the problems of the environment), which can promote more appropriate adaptations of the organizations to unexpected changes, as the people are who ultimately make up and headed the company, shall then ensure that these people have an effective response capabilitycreative and adaptive to enable the sustainability of business management. For a long time selection criteria such as academic level, work experience and personal references, have diminished its value (although they will remain of) utility to inquire about the trajectory of the candidate), serves not only to know the profession of the postulate, his knowledge and expertise but also determine the capacity that it has to face new challenges, solve any problems, interact with other members of the team and propose new ideas. Some techniques as the assessment center, containing in its essence the concept of emotional intelligence, have been used by some companies to predict future working performance of candidates, recreating specific situations in which the postulates will be involved in their future role within the Organization, in order to investigate their possible reactions. In short interest in the attitude that people have to situations of everyday life increasingly becomes more relevant, and is obvious to happen, in an increasingly competitive, globalised and changing world.

Treasury Department

The risks of the return of the TARP 11 June 2009 why do much interest U.S. banking institutions, whether by the U.S. Government in return received? Why not does interest the US Treasury that to do so?Banks pressed, and the Department of the Treasury with Timothy Geithner to head, did not have too many alternatives. The Treasury Department just authorize ten of largest banks of the country to return a $68,000 million in federal funds from the rescue made just eight months ago. Advancement special LATINFORME * where is China investing your money now? In a strategic alliance with a South American company that will bring them to both strong advantages in the short, medium and long term. What is this company? Already soon we will disclose it is. Watch for upcoming advances in LATINFORME journal, where we will detail the next offer the report launch in which we will announce the name of this company and others that will benefit from the Asian giant.

But they are not Chinese nor Argentine promises. This Alliance is already underway and this company has found just what was in need to strongly boost its production. There are already investing in this company until the news is widely conocida.* * is not these entities shall be refunded such money out of respect to taxpayers who are those who ultimately contributed. The rescue had its cost for banks (even, be marked by the same aid costs). Too expensive and did not represent a business for them. While at the time, these funds were very helpful, and is therefore entities received it in good way, this aid imposed a number of constraints that were not to the liking such as limitations on compensation mechanisms to bank executives (that difficult for them to keep talents), the recruitment of foreign employees and limits on certain expenses.

Watercolor Painting

One of the things most important to be taken into account for that the result of your paintings in acuarelasea is well, obviously the role. Today I will recommend you 3 more suitable paper types: 1.-paper Guarro: paper Guarro has high content cotton (60%), gelatinaat in mass and surface, allows the maximum absorption of water, offering good glazes, high brightness and sharpness of colors. This role is very suitable to paint landscapes, flowers, still lifes etc (do not recommend to paint portraits) 2.-paper Saunders: paper Saunders Waterford is an English paper that has been approved by the Royal Society of Watercolourists of England. Manufactured in the paper mill of St. Cuthberts, it is specially designed for watercolor.

Generated in the traditional way in a cylindrical styling machine with purest cotton fibers. Its different surfaces (satin, fine grain and coarse grain), their response to water and its beautiful color that gives it its composition of cotton, make him a magnificent role of very high quality. Treaty, Al foil, with calcium carbonate to prevent discoloration caused by the acids in the pollution. This paper is excellent if you want to paint portrait, since it holds much more moisture and the strokes.When you work on glazing glazing, this paper will not tear. 3.-Paper Arches-is a paper which is manufactured in round machine, is gelatinaat and dries the air.

Its composition, 100% cotton, ensures great stability and resistance. Filigree, with beards on all four sides, and a natural white this paper ages without yellow and without altering the color of pigments.The result of colors, resistance to tear and defoliation, and the stability of the Arches paper are qualities very appreciated by watercolourists. Also is highly recommended to paint portrait and work glaze sobreveladura. You can find these papers in specialised shops of art. If you want to know more tips about how you can improve the outcome of your watercolor painting, please visit: there you can find more tips, receive videos free and much more original author and source of the article


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