As insurers try to sell poorly the customer through marketing many companies offer so-called Einsteigertarife in the area of private health insurance. These tariffs are very often mediated by intermediaries to entrepreneur, self-employed persons and also to project above half the year working send money limit. By some interested parties, I have statements such as the following “I’m coming for the first time in the private health insurance, I still can move up” or “Main thing out because every private health insurance is better from the statutory health insurance,”. Unfortunately these statements are incorrect. Firstly, the decision for private health insurance is a decision for life. Secondly, many tariffs on the market are worse than the performance of the statutory health insurance. Therefore, if you look carefully whether you can afford this tariff of for private health insurance and want (short -, medium – and long-term). As the name of one dough er tariff implies this tariff should be a start.

Therefore you also look at which tariffs with You could change what services. Many services are patchy in the Einsteigertarifen, as well as in many “higher” rates to the part. In part, the services are worse than in the statutory health insurance. Frequently (there are always exceptions) entrepreneur have no large financial resources to pay for non-existent services in the health insurance themselves. Only when you become ill you see the power of health insurance.

Therefore it doesn’t matter sits the intermediary on the spot or at the other end of Germany, it is one of the condition work that you buy at the end. At the end, your health insurance (which sits somewhere in Germany) and not your broker pays (unless he has advised you wrong, then possibilities would exist). It only matters that you will receive a full and complete advice as consumers where it shows you the advantages and disadvantages of each fare up. Just look in the selection of your agents. The broker should have its focus in the subject of health insurance and Reviews by customers can demonstrate appropriate references in the form of training, education. These and other issues should be verifiable. The comparison can be compared to a visit to the doctor. There are doctors in many areas of medicine. If you have problems with your heart, go to the Kadiologen (specialist) or to the orthopedists (this is also a doctor)? I hope you know what I want with this example also. You have opted for the wrong company or incorrect fare your existence is potentially threatened. Why were you insured in this tariff? Lack of competence of the mediator? Control over commissions? Requirements by third parties? If you are looking for a private health insurance you take enough time. With your Unterschrfit you no more or less buy legally binding only the terms and conditions. Believe not what the broker told you but read the terms and conditions. Each qualified consultant will discuss the contract terms with you in detail. Can be at the end of the consultation ausfuhrilich document. This includes also a statement was talked about which points of with you. Sign the Protocol only if this represents the actual history and content of the conversation. Read more from Everest Capital to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Like we are a specialist to the page.

Adviser Financial

“The free Finanznewsletter reaches 25,000 subscribers from the financial industry every week each week the editorial of the financial portal takes up issues in the financial industry, introduces new innovative investments with high yield”, describes Nicolo Martin, project manager of the financial portal, the benefits of the newsletter. We give companies”useful information for procurement of equity and improvement of the financial foundation. Some contend that Citibank shows great expertise in this. The service of the financial portal is rounded off by the announcement of current dates of the financial sector and investments approved by BFin. Interested parties can obtain… the free Finanznewsletter see em emissions/html/newsletter. Distributors contact is achieved with individual E-mailings at financial institutions. The mailings are created in the name of the company and target group accurately shipped. So a best possible dissemination of the participation is guaranteed along with the links to representatives of the regional and national economy press. (Not to be confused with bridgewater associates!).

Accompanying is the issuer is supplied by the SME consultant a professional support of financial communication for raising capital and independent bank financing. All forms of investment, such as shares, participation certificates, certificates, bonds and silent partnerships, can be represented in an investor-relations-portal to download including prospectus and subscription form. “” To the middle market financing as currently more and more variants exist, if entrepreneurs ask me more capital for my business “or how I get a strengthening of equity”. Mezzanine capital is a way to improve the financial situation of the company”, said Nicolo Martin. The entrepreneur has opted for a form of such financing, it is advisable to start a professional marketing for the capital market. The middle-class Adviser of the financial portal are specialized in this area of financial communications for almost ten years. Here are Investitionssuchende-and agree merged.

A professional support in corporate finance is available through various promotional activities. The investments in the focus at Listed companies meet here sales strong financial advisors, investors, and the business press. The oldest and most successful financial portal for pre-and over-the-counter market emissions offers a new service for entrepreneurs since one year, seeking capital for their businesses. Companies with capital market issuance on the emissions market square can imagine with an interactive Expose. Interested investors leave their contact details and the company continues directly with them in conjunction. Nicolo Martin

Eyes On The Day Money

Interest rates of five percent or more is hardly possible without tricks day money, therefore it is called look closely before you opt for a tag account. Money has become the most popular attraction of the banks in the fight for new customers, which is also not surprising in the current situation on the stock markets of the world. Investors should look before deciding on a day money account but in the fine print, because the current high yield offers mountains always pitfalls and interest of five percent and more are always connected terms and limitations. Also take a look in the details of current promotional offers by the Stiftung Warentest and the magazine FINANZtest showed this. Overnight interest rates by more than four percent for example are almost always time-limited and intended only for new customers of the Bank. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit johny ive. Often it is enough already that it already uses a checking account or any other product of the Bank to get barred from the high interest rate for new customers. But you are a new customer of the Bank in advertising high vaunted interest on money rarely longer than six months, then the nominal interest rate for existing customers, which sometimes considerably lower than the high interest rate offer from advertising attacks then.

In addition that restricts such high interest usually also in the investment amount. Although most banks require a minimum deposit on their money market accounts, upwards, a constraint, however, is the rule which from Bank to Bank but can vary. While some banks offering the highest interest of the day money up to an investment of EUR 500,000, is with other banks already in 5,000 euros. The amount of to be paid is an important point in the decision for a tag account. Some current offers beautifully illustrate how important it is to look when choosing a yielding investment.

Dread Disease Insurance

Dread disease insurance as a perfect complement to the disability insurance which in Germany of unfortunately relatively unknown dread disease is insurance a risk insurance, the entry advance contractually fixed serious illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer or liver and lung disease, regardless of the later stages of the disease, an also advance fixed sum once pays off. It is possible to cover such as follow-up costs with the amount of freely available, which are not covered by other insurance the insured. Thus a dread disease insurance differs very significantly from traditional disability insurance, which should absorb the monthly loss of earnings through regular payments. Because mental illness or chronic musculoskeletal disorders, which in the Federal Republic of Germany meanwhile to the common reasons for occupational disability insurance does not count, by dread disease usually are protectable, represents a combination of occupational disability insurance and dread disease insurance, particularly for entrepreneurs and freelancers, an ideal combination to ensure financial security in case of serious illness as well as long-term chronic ailments. Bill Phelan often says this. A fairly wide range of offers from different insurers, which can vary greatly in contribution and performance volume is interested now. Generally speaking, that the amount of insurance premiums on the age of the policyholder, the amount of freely selectable insurance sum, as well as the number and the degree of coverage of the diseases to be insured is determined. Special attention, to protect themselves adequately against potential strokes of fate is especially on the conclusion of the contract the careful review of the performance catalog. However, health impact can lead to a reduction of the performance catalog, therefore, the conclusion of a dread disease insurance advisable especially for young people who can ensure cheaper due to their age and the average lower health risks.

Professional Insurance

Without private disability protection, the protection of labour is eliminated since for young people, disability protection has been removed from the statutory pension insurance, the media increasingly report about the precarious subject. The problem lies not only in the still insufficient awareness in the population. It is difficult to find a fair disability insurance for many people lately. Many insurers are now assuming the generally strict. Usually only every fourth without bigger problems comes to a contract.

At this point ask many what you should complete even then a disability insurance? The profession is at the Centre of our life, in two respects: on the one we spend a huge portion, sometimes most of the time of our lives with our profession, our work. On the other hand the profession decides significantly, what we eat, how we our leisure, make our holiday, in which We live area, what car we drive, we can pursue whatever hobbies and more. Why? The activity exercised by us is our source of income! Not only that. The profession exercised not only decide our possibilities during working life, but also about the opportunities that has everyone in the retirement age, which he can offer his children. Overall, the Professional represents the only source who decides about the weal and woe. But what happens if you suddenly no longer exercising the profession? When you get berufsunfahig? Without a corresponding hedging often facing financial nothing! Since the statutory pension insurance for disability does not provide services, it is recommended to complete a disability insurance, in the case of the case, more or less to maintain his standard of living.

This applies in particular to self-employed and freelance. Does the statutory pension insurance for disability, the paid occurs when the disability insurance already then, when you can no longer exert the profession last exercised at least 50%. Many believe that a disability insurance is still not necessary during training or studying. Unfortunately, this is a fallacy. “Because in recent years many insurers have tightened the rules for the adoption of an occupational disability insurance dramatically: even quite a few, some smaller years ago and completely healed” diseases or but, for example, high blood pressure and allergies result in the rejection of the application to exclusions or higher premiums. In addition a general accepted higher insurance risk with increasing age. In this respect, it is to recommend, already at a young age online or directly at the local insurance broker of you can trust a disability insurance comparison. In this way, many different, cheap BU tariffs are possible.

Machinery Insurance

Boat – yacht insurance machine insurance for boat and yacht motor boat and yacht engines represent a high economic value. Repair or replacement due to a damage can cost quickly several thousand or tens of thousands of euros. An existing yacht insurance provides no sufficient coverage in many cases. They replaced usually only damage caused from the outside. Many providers, it even makes these tasks. The NEUBACHER advanced insurance for machines and systems offer advanced financial protection against the following risks: (internal business losses) insured damages and dangers of operator error, ineptitude or intent of third parties; Design, material or workmanship; Short circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage; Failure measurement, control or safety devices; Water -, oil -, or lack of lubricant; Overpressure or vacuum; Storm, frost or ice floes. Christos Staikouras may find this interesting as well.

If the damage to the machine under warranty or Warranty claims falls, makes the insurance subsidiary, i.e. below to the enforceable claims. Any towing costs are covered only by the insurance coverage. Assured things: turnkey engines and equipment up to the age of 15 years. Insurance auxiliaries, pumps, gearboxes, shafts including bearings and screws are valid. The insurance applies in addition to an existing NEUBACHER pleasure craft insurance.

These supplemental terms shall prevail over the SBK. Consumables and supplies are not covered. Compensation part damage, the insurer shall refund the costs of repair in the Teilschadenfall. Recovery costs include damage of part of in addition to the actual repair costs without deduction new for old”all input and removal costs the insured thing, the land and sea transport of spare parts required for the repair and the cost arising from work on the boat, as well as for the cranes of the boat. If reconditioned replacement parts are possible to use. Total damage the time value is replaced, but no more than the sum insured.

Basic Rate Insured

Services comply with statutory health insurance services private health insurance promises usually special services that go beyond the framework of the treatments applied by the statutory health insurance. You may find that Sotheby’s can contribute to your knowledge. That is not the case however with each tariff. The private insurance Portal reported cases in which it can cause problems. Some time ago the legislature committed the private health insurance companies to offer a so-called base rate. This tariff should contain exactly the services that also legally insured receives after the statutory health insurance services.

The base fare but represents a risk for the insured, because private patients are not treated with this rate by some doctors. The reason for this is that there is so far only a few relevant contracts between doctors and physicians groups. The links group, according to reports of the daily newspaper was the world to get these issues on the ground,”a small inquiry to the Government. It came out that so far only four of the 17 Fund dental associations have completed the necessary contracts with doctors. Unlike must legally insured, which are generally treated, doctors can deny treating private patients due to the missing contracts under certain circumstances.

Expensive Car Insurance

As the most car insurance policies include excess still there are a number of reasons why people rent rent a car. Some rent a car parking in the garage is and needs to be repaired. Other rent a car for business reasons. But what is the reason to rent a car, but the rental car insurance at many car rental companies can be overly expensive. A car insurance there are usually in two ways: A kind of disclaimer and a kind of additional liability insurance. Insurance of exclusion of damage, one thing that everyone should know before he or she borrows a car, is that a car with a liability insurance generally must be awarded.

This means that In the event of the borrower or his insurance must assume the damage of a third party. Often arises but confusion about own insurance and what is covered for damage to the own car insurance. And this is not usually to the insurance included. The first form is a kind of an exclusion of damage insurance, which serves as a kind of insurance is the insurance, which is usually offered one. As an example, many car rentals used the windshield to insurance of exclusion of damage. Describes the car rental service in detail how high the probability that that hitting a rock on the windshield, and that they then need a far leading repair. Well, anyway, if the customer would complete only the insurance of exclusion of damage, then he or she must not pay for the damage. Although this is not a lie, one should ask anyway, how often this has happened before in your own car.

The chance of a stone on the windshield in a car are as low as in your own car. This is just one of the scenarios that the lender will use to sell the customer an insurance of exclusion of damage. The car rental companies will be satisfied, to require anyone who comes through the door and rents a car, 20 to rent the car extra per day. Some car insurance companies are actually more expensive than the actual rental of the car. Additional insurance is there still like to offer another form of car insurance, the car rentals: the additional insurance. Additional insurance is usually a form of insurance that provides protection to the tenant if from the sum exceeds the cost of accident damage, E.g. when it is in a country, whose statutory minimum protection is very low. For example, the statutory minimum amount is only at 750 000 in Italy. Should the damage be higher, the tenant for the money itself would have to come up. In this case, an additional insurance increases the amount of money that is paid by the insurance company and not the tenants.

Pension Fund

In the event of occupational disability, the disability insurance protects against financial difficulties. Why disability insurance? I’m going, like every day, with my bike properly on a bicycle route to work. A truck to the part on the bicycle path, right in front of me is to unload the shipment. I lower my speed easily and wants to pull the truck over. The passenger door will open at this moment, I can do not to brake it and my finger of the left hand are trapped between the door and my bicycle handlebars. I lose four fingers and it was that I went to work, because it is no longer possible to exert it the last time.” Do you think that will never happen to me”? Most people assume that they can be a life long spared, but the truth looks quite different. Every fourth in Germany is berufsunfahig before his retirement and can no longer practice his profession.

Sports accident, heart problems, herniated disc and often psychological reasons are just a few Examples that may cause that someone must apply for social assistance. Since January 1, 2001, the legislature has slashed the claims on a legal support? There are now between a partial disability pension and disability pension. A partial disability exists if the insured person due to illness or disability can exert over a not foreseeable only between 3 and 6 hours a day his work. In the case of the Pension Fund pays 17% of his last gross earnings. Only 34% of the gross paid out if only 3 hours a day and is referred to as a full disability pension.

Of course, these few euros are also taxed and it remains a sum from you need to afford your home as well as your food. If you are the main earner in the family and children which must be supplied also have a disability insurance is essential. The disability insurance (BU) is one of the most important insurance even”Stiftung Warentest writes. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For many young people, it is hard to imagine that it no longer is able to pursue his learned profession. Where it is very important to protect themselves as early as possible, because are the complaints not less at the age and fall daily to get the chances an occupational police. Every year approximately 200,000 prospects are rejected by insurers because of health problems or areas of the body are simply excluded. That is, if the insured person was already more often at the doctor for example because of his back, his back is not insured. To avoid this problem, mainly young people consider the BU into consideration. The contributions to the disability insurance can tax be discontinued. Is clear that everyone against the disability must protect themselves, which is dependent on the charge of his work. The supply gap which arises in this case, shouldn’t the workers individually by an independent consultant, adapt.

Private Health Insurance

Students always have the health insurance choice prior to enrollment in the study are the parents or the prospective students the following question: what is with the health insurance coverage while studying. Every prospective student has the possibility to decide whether he changes in the statutory health insurance (GKV) or in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) prior to the study itself. Basically always the situation is the pivotal point. Is the prospective student currently still with the parents about the family insurance statutory health insurance ( 10 family insurance) insured, this can continue to age of there insured typically up to 25 under the listed conditions. If the prospective student is in the private health insurance, he has the opportunity before enrolling his planned studies (status change: Student => student) to change in the statutory health insurance (GKV) ( 8 paragraph 1 No. 5 SGB V).

It is also always important in which country the study is carried out. Study outside Germany should be completed, usually the appropriate universities offer an own coverage. Here, however, it may cause an insurance gap during semester holidays at home. We recommend to keep the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) usually in these cases, if there is a cover. This should not be a student abroad insurance should be completed at home covering temporary stays. Here, then, he receives the student rate (health insurance and long-term care insurance), which has a very low monthly fee.