The Mystery of The Embodiment

It is characteristic of our contemporary culture the rediscovery of the problem of embodiment. The Bible knows no dualism between spirit and matter and considers man as a unitary being. We need to rethink the commonplaces of our culture that are different cultures of men in the first millennium BC. In the Old Testament to speak of the human body uses the term “base” which means flesh with the content of life, soul and heart. Meat in the Bible means, then what you see of man, his physical condition. Thus in the New Testament means the body or flesh of man visible but especially the weakness and sinfulness so that the precise means of counteracting the desire God. See then how whoever auto save our language or be self confident in their wisdom and their own qualities is a man who walks alone in the flesh, is a carnal man, however he gets into the hands of God who focuses his salvation in the Lord is a man walking in the spirit, so the meat and meat is not bad, but what the man decides against God. The body reveals the beauty and strength: In a literary way to express the Bible is not the beauty of the woman or man muscles of interest, in short, the beauty is not a sign to know and appreciate a person, Hence, the blind man is not sin for being blind, or the leper. Let’s see how disobedience results in opening of knowledge, opened their eyes and feel naked contradictory and feels that is not covered how sexuality is too complex a phenomenon to be analyzed in a simplistic way, for what appears as a passionate drive and uncontrollable has much content and many constraints and it is a force that is kept in all biological mechanism and involves psychological levels, emotional, spiritual and social needs of everyone.Sexuality use the language of tenderness, love and can lead to aggression and violence, sexuality and seek to meet the communion but sometimes does not respect the difference of others. Sexuality is certainly an expression of joy and happiness but almost always falls in sadness and failure. We live in a society where everything related to sex is based on many visions and why each person lives and thinks and feels differently in their sexuality. We have not managed to convey a message of esteem and appreciation of sexuality and therefore sex has become an obsession.Many would make the person a spirit without sex slaves or sex also is not of spirit. Nor is it to sex education as such we can not stand knowing the complex anatomical structure of the eyes as only understand the true meaning of them when we face eyes full of tenderness and even though we understand the perfect structure hands we can not understand the deep meaning of those are only when we feel the warmth of a caress, so the look and hand of a person not just to look or touch but should express the love that is hidden in the heart. In this way the body is raised to a level higher than simple sex.Watching a person without feeling love in the heart for it is only an expression of a drive, look at her with affection and love is an expression of full sexuality, for what it’s worth, what matters is the message that comes from the heart because the heart has reasons that reason does not understand.The supremacy of the individual goes beyond mere biology body and the body is a road that ends in the joy of possession, so the sexual life is not exhausted either focuses on the genitals or the exercise of sex. The delivery body is the feast of love, is the meeting of two people who have offered your heart to share with all its existence, hence the need to prepare to live that gift and do not appear as a simple love of bodies. That love is not so spiritualize you forget the passion and the party but also that love is passionate and degrade so that forgets the superiority of spirit and heart. Only the baby gets close any human injury and clears up the pain of dissatisfaction. The art of love is not easy to learn in this environment that we live in which we do not want to know the people thoroughly.

Bills and Food Regulation of GM organisms – MAY 2009

FORUMS CONVENED BY LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEES – MAY 2009 The Congress of the Republic of Peru invited to participate with your comments for, against or proposals, on the bills placed on consultation by the Ordinary Committees of Congress to its citizens more details visit their website website or write to this email: foros Bill No. 3025 .- Act governing the system of organisms and genetically modified food, GM penalizes the activities and amending the General Law of Seeds The project aims to regulate the activities of any nature are made with genetically modified organisms and their derivatives.It proposes to prohibit the import, exports, research, production, release and / or marketing of seeds, crops and transgenic animals and in general for all genetically modified organisms, and Peru as a country to declare ecologically biodiverse, organic and GMO free. It also seeks to criminalize the activities with GM, proposing imprisonment of three to five years and to amend several articles of the Seeds Act, fixing his application to the field of organic seed. Bill No. 3060 .- An Act to declare a moratorium that prevents the entry and / or use of living modified organisms (LMOs) in the country The project proposes a moratorium for awithin three years to prevent the entry and / or use in the country of Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) to be released into the environment, for cultivation and / or parenting, including aquatic organisms. The initiative is based on that have not yet been issued the relevant regulations to comply with assigned control functions relevant sectoral bodies by Law N 27104, Law on Prevention of risks from the use of biotechnology.

Business Partner Ukraine

The Republic of Ukraine is next to the Russian Federation, the most important country of the former Soviet Union. With an area of 604,000 square kilometers and about 49 million inhabitants, Ukraine is among the largest states in Europe in general. Their central role in Eastern Europe is underlined by a common border with seven other Central and Eastern European countries. In recent years the country has been a significant upward trend, and despite the severe political turmoil, GDP growth in 2006 reached approximately 83.1 billion euros. Germany stands in the ranking of the most important trading partner in second place. The most important German export goods are cars, machinery, chemical products and electrical products. When importing outweigh textiles, metal products and food products. More than 1,000 German companies are already active in Ukraine, in addition to automotive and supplier industries, particularly in the areas of trade, construction, energy and Argrar-food sector. The globalization and the resulting cost pressures, it isalso, especially for medium-sized companies in Germany, of increasing importance to seek a strategic partner or location. In Russia and Ukraine offer ideal conditions due to the cost level, proximity to Western European markets and diverse industries. Our company EASTERN INVEST-CONSULT specializes in the development of business relations between German and Ukrainian companies. Aboutaam We support German companies from both before the transaction and thereafter to all the issues not only of Germany but also in the field. Our employees, who come from Ukraine and Russia, have a good knowledge of local customs and market conditions, which are vital for successful business. We combine the western and eastern mentality EAST-INVEST-CONSULT Allersberger Str 185 90461 Nuremberg Tel: 09114099400


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Food grown

The primary is rice that has a predominant trend in Malaysia and in most countries of the region. The rice eaten in Malaysia is a local variety of rice with characteristics of specific fragrance. The quality of grain (usually long grain) is similar to that used in the dishes basmati biryani. Rice has been short origenjapon s slowly leaking into the diets of the Malays. The noodles are another popular ingredient. Some of the noodles are known as “Mee Hoon, ” (vermicelli), “Kuay Teow, ” (flat noodles very similar to fettuccine, but made with rice), “Mee, (yellow noodles),” Mee Suah, “,” Yee Meen, (pre-fried noodles), “Tang Hoon, (transparent noodles made from soybeans), macaroni, and others that provide a source of carbohydrates in the dishes of this cuisine.The Western style bread is a new feature that is slowly gaining acceptance among the younger generation.

History and main

History and main features was founded in 1948. During 1947-48, a group of students from the Instituto Ramiro de Maeztu Castellana Federation enrolled in a basketball team named Ramiro de Maeztu in the third division, and a year later, during 1948-49 was constituted formally the “Students” under the auspices and the decisive support of Antonio Magari os, professor and director of studies at the Institute, and entered two teams with this exact name. Magari os Antonio was the first president of the club. Playing in the fields of the institute, a large number of teams at all levels from juvenile to junior club quarry has resulted throughout its history many great players and coaches of Spanish basketball.Among the players can mention Fernando Mart n, Alberto Herreros, Carlos Jimenez, Felipe Reyes, Sergio Rodr guez, Antonio Diaz-Miguel, Aito Garcia Reneses, Jes s Codina, Vicente Ramos, Juan Antonio Mart nez Arroyo, Gonzalo Sagi-Vela, Vicente Gil Nacho Azofra. Among the coaches can be quoted Jos Vicente Hern ndez (better known as Pepu Hernandez) in addition to those already mentioned Antonio Diaz-Miguel and Aito Garcia Reneses. All three coaches have been breeders of the Spanish basketball under whose leadership it has achieved its three major international achievements (a World Championships and two Olympic silver medals.) Students in the 1947-1948 season is Third Division runners-Castilla and ascends to the Second category. In the 1948-1949 season totals from second to first in 1949-1950 and reached the top level then existing.The first Spanish basketball league organized by the Spanish Basketball Federation, was held in 1957 with six teams: Aismalibar, FC Barcelona, Students, Youth Badalona, Sabadell Green Selvage and Real Madrid. The Real Madrid and the students participated as first and second Championship of Castile. Students is one of only three Spanish clubs which have maintained the Spanish top flight racing. Students have been four times runner-up in the Spanish League and three times winner of the Cup Internationally, since 1973 has participated in European competitions in twenty-four seasons playing in the Euroleague, the Cup Winners Cup, the Korac Cup, the Saporta Cup, the ULEB Cup , and the FIBA Cup Students played the final four of the Euroleague in Istanbul in 1992 and was runner-up in 1999 Korac Cup. He also played the final four in the FIBA Cup in 2007. Banner of Dementia in the Madrid Arena (match-Pamesa Students, November 19, 2005.The Student Club was also one of only two Spanish basketball club with teams at the two highest male and female national competitions for several seasons. In the 2008/09 season is the only Spanish basketball club with that feature. It also has many imaginative fans, known as “The Madness”, encouraging his team constantly and make the humor and irony a way of seeing basketball. Dementia has even received official recognition. The largely student crowd considered viable philosophy of keeping students together as a team “schoolyard”, the origin of the club, even within an increasingly professionalized basketball.The fact that some or many of the “insane” are disguised as Arabs have little to do with solidarity with the Palestinian movement-something personal which may coincide in some cases, but is independent of the equipment and the Institute, “is related rather with the historical moment which successfully popularized name for the hitherto DEMENTIA bloated to dry. It was during the years 75 and 76 and premiered DEMENTIA the name, and pranks invented cries, like going to cut traffic on the plaza of the dolphins at the beginning of the Christmas holidays, and chose their leaders, chief among which is a important place for obvious reasons Juana la loca: there was also Khomeini and his followers, most easy to imitate with a costume that de Juana … and hey, prospered attire. Also include “The Rafa Pe a”, “unpresentable” and “The Godfather” recently created in the 2005/06 season the average attendance of spectators at Madrid Arena during the regular season was 7062 persons.This figure places the students in the fourth team in that paragraph after Unicaja Malaga, Real Madrid and TAU Vitoria. Students are characterized by their origin and history, by the enthusiasm, passion for basketball, and some good play put romance above the results on many occasions. It also features an enthusiastic management and fan club, which has brought sweet victories, also some shades and a number of trophies rather lean. It is proverbial the intense rivalry with another Madrid basketball team just as Section Satellite born a football club.

Ski Helmets – Tips On Buying

In skiing’s own security plays a big role. Crashes and collisions pose a great risk, especially for the head. There is no way to be trifled with head injuries, should be paid that is worn a helmet while skiing. It is very important that this is properly seated. For a helmet does not fit, protects in the worst case, not at all. In the worst-case scenario is a good helmet can save your life. In particular, parents should make sure that their children ski wear a helmet. At the same time they should set a good example and wear a helmet yourself. In most countries there is no wear helmets. An exception is Italy: children under 14 years must wear a helmet mandatory on the ski slopes. At the helm of purchase, you should pay attention to several factors. To protect the well head, you should not skimp on this point. Good helmets are in the range of about 100 to 200 Euro and should best be purchased in stores. On the bicycle helmet from discount stores for 10 euros at this point would be better dispensedwill. For ski helmets are two different helmet systems. There is the half and the Vollschalenhelme. The former only protect your head and cover your ears only by soft padded Ohrenpads. Vollschalenhelme are mostly for children or riders, as they offer better protection. When choosing a helmet should be taken that this good fit. He can not shake, but do not sit too close to avoid headaches. Ideally, the liner should be removable for washing. When you buy should also be paid to the testing standard EN1077. This guarantees a certain level of quality and safety of the helmet.

Products For Animals

Under Tierbedarf all will understand what is required for optimal keeping of animals. Dog and cat, small animals such as hamsters and birds, and fish, reptiles, rabbits and ferrets pose different demands on their owners. A large selection of pet needs will be interested in the pet stores, supermarkets and garden centers. Very interesting are the manufacturer for livestock supplies online. The selection is very large and clear, the order is simply decorated, and the deliveries are fast and on time. For Pet Shops include normal dog leashes or rolling lines of leather or nylon, with flashing collar or a chain necklace. Also wearing a Softmaulkorbes, a leather muzzle or nose band may be necessary. But safe boxes for transporting dogs and cuddly blankets, as the feed and water bowl made of stainless steel or plastic, must not be missing. A cat is pleased about animal needs, if it is an adventurous cat tree, or an interesting, rattling or squeakingToy mouse is. A cat bed with clean cat litter, transport baskets and sleeping baskets are absolutely necessary. Anyone who owns birds will look around for Pet Shops, which firstly is necessary to feed the birds, but birds also prepares fun. Water bowls or water dispenser, feed hopper, bird toys like swings and mirrors, lattice balls with bells and of course, a perch, should be strictly for the feathered friend. And who would feed the birds in winter, needs veterinary needs, which may consist of birdseed holders, donors, waterproof lining, lining hanging baskets and bird houses made of pinewood. For Pet Shops, of course, is well as all animal feed, which must be bought regularly. The correct choice of the diet is crucial for the health of animals.

Naturopaths Supplemental Insurance

In the statutory health insurance only so-called medically necessary treatment are insured. When a medically necessary treatment is no treatment by medical practitioners and no homeopathic treatments contained in the specifications of the statutory health insurance. It is looking more and more people in Germany, the help from a medical practitioner and rely more on natural remedies rather than drugs by general practitioners. For example, the pollen starts again soon and this will hit more and more people in Germany from allergies. Allergies to some medical practitioners have their very own opinion and it is then also a treatment of allergy usually quite different from the family doctor. Since the visit and the treatment of a healer is not exactly cheap, there is an additional insurance for medical practitioners. Health practitioners insurance allows a free choice between all homeopaths and naturopaths. For most medical practitioners natural therapies by medical insurance are insured to 80 percent through the same treatment aMedical practitioners. The price of an insurance medical practitioners are not extremely high, but there are some terms up to 3 years. But even with a healer’s health insurance questions must be answered absolutely right not to lose the subsequent cover. Many people only think of an insurance policy to go to a healer when they are already ill. Unfortunately, it is then often too late because not insured, the insurance companies in certain diseases, the customer.

Flash Games To Relieve Boredom

Everybody knows it, because you sit for hours in the office without actually having something meaningful to work. But in order to avoid the boredom that is fals times just to do nothing, or to make a coffee break, there are funny little game called Flash Games. These games are available in a variety of styles and genres, so that is something for everyone here. Of FPS games to the strategy classics like Battleship. The games can be played directly in the browser, ideally located in the office. In order to quickly find your way around, the games are described and provided with a screenshot. Visitors have to evaluate the possibility of the games, so you can quickly see what games are popular besonderns. On the page TOP games we see once again the most interesting games at a glance. An editorial team will take care of new games. Before a game, however, comes on the side of it is thoroughly tested, so the quality of the site is preserved. All online games are free of course, it is nichteinmal a registration is necessary. Recently, flash games have been increased asAdvertising used. There are promotional games of Pringles, and even from Holywood blockbusters like Transformers. Most of the authors of the games are free to act and earn money nichteinmal. As a hobby, many authors are looking forward to if I have to play games with the public. Some use it as a reference, for example, to begin studies as a media designer. As a reference for future jobs, such projects are welcome. Flash games have become not only a Zwischendurchbeschftigung, but already serve as a genuine long-term entertainment. The scope of the games is increasing, and therefore their Komplexiblitt. Some games you can play through actually still in 2 minutes, but many require up to a factor 10th The result is the medium of Flash years ago. The company Macromedia, now you heard that Adobe has developed a Platformbergreifendes format for viewing movies, animations and other things on the web presenter to make. Meanwhile, Flash is a standard and supported by all browsers. Whether flashing banners or complete short films on Youtube, everything is inFlash media has been made. The popularity is hard to beat it, and it has become a real trend. However, there are also disadvantages. Above all, organizations like the W3C, the network trying to make barrier free, so accessible to all people, even if they have a visual impairment or other Handycaps. Unfortunately, Flash can not be read by so-called screen readers, which means that visually impaired people are not the contents of the Flash objects have read. The result is a big disadvantage for those. If even whole menus of websites designed in Flash has been, it is not even possible to visit the site and to druchforsten. nevertheless, despite the trend is unstoppable, and Flash Games are certainly for many people a little overcast in some dreary office life.