Bills and Food Regulation of GM organisms – MAY 2009

FORUMS CONVENED BY LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEES – MAY 2009 The Congress of the Republic of Peru invited to participate with your comments for, against or proposals, on the bills placed on consultation by the Ordinary Committees of Congress to its citizens more details visit their website website or write to this email: foros Bill No. 3025 .- Act governing the system of organisms and genetically modified food, GM penalizes the activities and amending the General Law of Seeds The project aims to regulate the activities of any nature are made with genetically modified organisms and their derivatives.It proposes to prohibit the import, exports, research, production, release and / or marketing of seeds, crops and transgenic animals and in general for all genetically modified organisms, and Peru as a country to declare ecologically biodiverse, organic and GMO free. It also seeks to criminalize the activities with GM, proposing imprisonment of three to five years and to amend several articles of the Seeds Act, fixing his application to the field of organic seed. Bill No. 3060 .- An Act to declare a moratorium that prevents the entry and / or use of living modified organisms (LMOs) in the country The project proposes a moratorium for awithin three years to prevent the entry and / or use in the country of Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) to be released into the environment, for cultivation and / or parenting, including aquatic organisms. The initiative is based on that have not yet been issued the relevant regulations to comply with assigned control functions relevant sectoral bodies by Law N 27104, Law on Prevention of risks from the use of biotechnology.