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Scheduling classes and features There are several classifications of the planning. According to Stoner, managers use two basic types of planning. Strategic planning and operational planning. Strategic planning is designed to meet the overall goals of the organization, while operational planning shows how you can implement strategic plans in daily life. The strategic plans and operational plans are linked to the definition of the mission of an organization, the overall goal that justifies the existence of an organization. The strategic plans of the operational plans differ in their time horizon, scope and degree of detail. Strategic planning is long-term planning that focuses the organization as a whole.Closely linked to the concept of strategic planning are the following: a) strategy, b) strategic management, c) how to formulate a strategy. Strategy: a plan is comprehensive, unified and integrated approach that relates the strategic advantages of a firm with environmental challenges and is designed to achieve the objectives of the organization long term is the response of the organization to its environment in Over time, it is also the outcome of strategic planning. Also, for a useful strategy must be consistent with organizational objectives. Strategic Management: the process followed for an organization to make strategic planning and then act on those plans.In general it is thought that the strategic management process consists of four continuous sequential steps: a) formulation of the strategy, b) implementation of the strategy, c) measuring the results of the strategy and d) evaluation of the strategy. Formulating a strategy is a process that involves answering four basic questions. These questions are: What are the purpose and objectives of the organization , “Where is the current leader of the organization , What type of environment the organization is, What can be done to achieve a better way organizational objectives in the future Operational planning is to formulate short-term plans that emphasize different parts of the organization. It is used to describe what the various parts of the organization must do to make the company successful in the short term.According to Jimenez Castro Wilburg planning can be classified according to their purposes in three main types are not mutually exclusive, they are: a) Operational Planning, b) Economic and Social Planning, c) Physical Planning and Territorial. According to the period covered may be: a) short term b) Medium term, c) long term. Operational Planning and Management: is defined as the design of a desired future state for an entity and effective ways to achieve it (R. Ackoff, 1970). “Economic and Social Planning: is defined as the inventory of resources and needs and setting goals and programs that have to manage these resources to meet these requirements, pertaining to economic and social improvement of the country.Physical Planning and Territorial: could be defined as the adoption of programs and appropriate standards for the development of natural resources, among which include agricultural products, minerals and electricity, etc., And also to the growth of cities or regional development and rural settlements. Short-term Planning: The period covered is one year. Medium-term planning: the period it covers is more than one year and less than five. Long-term Planning: The period covered is more than five years “(W. Jimenez C., 1982) According to Cortes, the plans may also be classified according to functional area responsible for compliance: Production Plan, Plan Maintenance, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Business Plan. Depending on the scope, plans can be classified as: 1. intradepartmental, if applied to a department. Example: mechanical maintenance plan. 2.Interdepartmental, they affect more than one department, examples: industrial safety plan. 3. For the entire organization. Example: Budget. 4. They can also be considered as policy plans, procedures, rules and working methods. Policies are general or broad directives that establish guidelines for decision making. Example: internal promotion of staff. Procedures are rules that establish the conventional form of organized activities to achieve a goal. Example: closure of a financial year. The methods are systematic and structured ways to perform activities efficiently. The rules are tight regulations that define in detail the steps and actions to perform repetitive activities.

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Josep Josep Guijarro Guijarro Triad (Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain, 12 May 1967) is a journalist, writer and radio reporter, press and television, and one of the most well known Spanish ufologists. He has directed and presented during a decade (1998-2008) Enigmes i Misteris program in RNE 4 (National Radio of Spain in Catalonia) where he currently presents a micro space of alternative medicines. He also assisted with the program disappeared Channel n 4 of the television channel Cuatro. He has been chief or of the magazine Beyond, dean and director of the magazine KARMA 7.In other areas have received the silver microphone AOSIS RTV for his work in front of Hoy por Hoy Vall s (Cadena SER), SER has led the magazine CURRENT (first heart free magazine in Spain) and currently directs Routes Travel magazine in the world. This work traveling with an educational vision allows you to collaborate with the popular program The wind rose in a section entitled The 32 directions and which has own site on the internet The 32 Rumbos . In February 2009 he began to simultaneously address of that magazine with the veteran PENTHOUSE, adult magazine.

Note published in

Note published in Cbanoticias. The Funky Caribbean cumbia band either! For Eluney Ottobre The Caribbean Funky Yesterday at 20:30 dressed Usina Old Holidays: The Funky Caribbean presented their first album, and was a big party with many guests, and an unwavering rhythm. This band was formed within APADIM, a school of our city for children and youth with disabilities. Thanks for the idea and the support of Matthew Bruno, one of the coordinators of a workshop of the institution, and several teachers, collaborators and friends began to sprout musicians the idea of doing an activity in which these young people to participate creatively and artistically .From the boys themselves germinated the idea of a band of cumbia … And it’s a good cumbia band, as they say, which are now fully engaged in the promotion’s recent disc, as they did yesterday at the Old Power Plant. Musically have two keyboardists, a drummer, two singers and three backing vocalists who also play the Peruvian caj n. The audience exploded with the cumbia “The Wasps” shared with the band Cordoba “Deverdura” and was thrilled with “Love flowers dip” the romantic song of the band.Besides shared the stage Poor Deverdura Querencia, dominica and Los Caligaris. And so, surrounded by friends The Funky Caribbean gave us a night of rhythm and joy that once again shows us that everyone onists in the artistic and cultural life of our city if we choose, and there are programs inclusion, not from pity, but since they themselves are subjects of law, and may be players perfectly. To get contact APADIM discs or with the drafting of Cba News. Source: Cbanoticias. Journalism with an accent.

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Moments: The Forum of the Center of the Caribbean “From the League Coastal Regional Compensation Fund,” held on 8 and 9 October in Santa Marta, and the Forum “Challenges of the Caribbean Region,” held on October 10 in Barranquilla in the framework of the celebration of the Caribbean Region. The players: Antonio Hernandez Gamarra, Adolfo Meisel Roca, Eduardo Verano de la Rosa Elvia Mejia Edgar Rey Fernandez and Sinning, like figures that project, through its institutional and personal work, a commitment to this historic moment in which the Dominica Region Caribbean is close to realizing the aspirations of autonomy. But behind them, or with theirthem is a team work that is worth mentioning Madalina Barboza, executive director of the Center, Cecilia Arango, assistant governor of the Atlantic and Sandra Devia, communications coordinator of the same government, and between communicators and journalists have played a significant role in the process, director of Caracol Victor Herrera and Martin Tapias Notivisi n director and the new web Here, the official photo of Day of the Caribbean Region, where all the governor is and the mayors of Cartagena and Santa Marta (Barranquilla the conspicuously absent), pose with the Minister of Communications Maria del Rosario Guerra and Elvia Mejia.

Archipelago of San

Archipelago of San Andr s, Providencia and Santa Catalina Motto: Capital St. Andrew Tourist Paradise creation 1912 (Quartermaster) 1991 (department) Gov. Pedro Gallardo Forbes (since 2008) Total area 52.5 km Population Total Density Census 2005 70,554 1343 , 88 inhabitants / km HDI 0.797 – Middle inhabitants San Andres / or Islander / or The Archipelago of San Andr s, Providencia and Santa Catalina (English and San Andr s: Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina) is a department of Colombia located at western Caribbean Sea, 775 kilometers (480 nautical miles) northwest of the country’s Atlantic coast and 220 km (140 nautical miles) from the eastern coast of Nicaragua. The provincial capital is San Andr s, but the archipelago has a single county, Providence. It is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Colombia with one of the best beaches in America.The department is the only one of Colombia which is composed of islands, cays and islets on a volcanic shelf of western Caribbean Sea and St. Andrew is the largest island of the country. On 23 June 1822, raised the banner of the then Republic of Gran Colombia as an independent state and the Empire of Spain on henry fool 23 June 1822 is supported within the territorial formation of the new nation in the Constitution of Cucuta. According to the census by the National Bureau of Statistics of henry fool Colombia of 2005, the department has a population of 70,554 inhabitants, the most densely populated of Colombia as the sum total of its land is only 44 km which represents a density of 1603.5 people per square kilometer makes it one of the islands are posing the greatest concentration of people from around the globe and puts them in a delicate balancing of resources. The main languages spoken in the territory are the Castilian and English. Edit


The festival had its first ion in April 1999 organized by the – then – Secretary of Culture of Henry Fool Government of Buenos Aires. We used major cinemas, some of the Hoyts chain and other more traditional, or usually engaged in noncommercial theater. The festival featured over 146 guests this year, including recognized international figures such as Francis Ford Coppola, Todd Haynes and Paul Morrissey among others and were screened over 150 films between domestic and foreign. The call was about 120,000 spectators. Since then every year is repeated each time with much choice of films and activities, parallel activities (com talks, lectures and workshops), and an equally growing public call for the festival. About Bafici Year after year, becoming one of the most important film festivals in the world with significant recognition and a place of honor in the international film calendar.It is recognized as a key vehicle for promoting independent production, which Fay Grim here can show the most innovative films, adventurous and committed. The festival integrates through its extensive program, various cultural expressions, brings together acclaimed directors and new talents in a dynamic field. With a wide range of films that includes world premieres, Argentine and Latin American as well-deserved retrospective, is the largest and most prestigious event for independent film in Latin America. The total attendance figures are increasing year after year: the 184,500 people who met in 2005, the BAFICI had a turnout of more than Henry 220 thousand visitors in 2008, distributed in 1011 in the 9 specific functions festival venues. These and other data support the conclusion that it was the most successful ion in its history, with record of tickets sold (more than 167 thousand) and the novelty of an interesting cycle of Argentine cinema outdoors in neighborhood Carlos Gardel Abasto.Buenos Aires breathes cinema and the city’s public, famous for his cinephilia and faithfulness accompanies every issue in increasing numbers.

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(1) Cyberculture, Reality or invention I’d like to share two words prior to this debate. Culture and Cyberculture. As a culture we can say it is complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. “And Cyberculture. ..the set of techniques, ways of doing, ways of being, of values, representations that are related to the growth of cyberspace … ” I consider the relationship between Culture and Cyberculture as a part of what can FORSCOM be called “universal culture” that would accommodate all the different nuances that exist today in the world. When we try to identify and compare any culture is essential to take into account. Culture is transmitted from generation to generation. Fundamental to this first characteristic to define the concept of generation as we can consider within cyberspace. The “life”, Command Sergeant Major Carey but “inside” of Cyberspace goes to another much faster than they can spend outside. Command Sergeant That is why Fort Drum a generation in terms of Cyberspace takes place in a much shorter period. We can talk about four or five years per generation.However, this parallelism may have some questionable points one of them is produced by comparing the number of generations can live together. We see that cyberspace was not accustomed to live more than three generations at once, in Cyberspace can match more than ten .. In cyberspace, the knowledge transfer process need not follow any particular pattern. This possibility provides further enrichment to compare different cultural views and levels of knowledge, with very little likelihood that this knowledge could be lost during this process. This Dennis Carey last factor, intergenerational exchange, except for very few conflicts, brings significant added value and more if it is favored by the great facilities for the exchange of information given to us Cyberspace. At the time of making an analysis of knowledge transfer process, we Combined Joint Task Force have the enormous advantage of having all generations “ahead” of us, an advantage that otherwise would like to have Mountain Division all cultural anthropologists when they begin their studies either. From very small, any person, through learning, both consciously and unconsciously and through interaction with other members of his entourage, makes the process called enculturation or cultural integration of a member to their own culture, processes key in learning in cyberspace. To properly analyze the possible cultural impact in Cyberspace we must take into account important aspects such as the People. Each culture has a distinct personal physical space. The first and most visible “derangement” Cultural occur in this country, when the Internet and somehow unifies these potential differences.When we talk about People, we are talking about a concept that refers to a physical space. We can associate the minimum living space that each culture considers it necessary to relate normally and smoothly with others. Fort Greely, Alaska Dennis Carey 10th Mountain Division If we move to the area of cyberspace, this factor US Army Forces Command disappears due to the lack of physical contact. We should further analyze whether this deficiency is offset by the nuances and records in the area of written language.

Jackalope For other

Jackalope For other uses, see ubuntu. For other uses, see Jakalope. Rabbit infected with Shope papilloma virus. The first concern of investors should be risk factor, according to hopes to insulate the property market from turbulent times and poor market climates Plate XLVII of properties Animalia Qvadrvpedia et Reptilia (Terra) by Joris Hoefnagel, about 1575, realtor showing a “horned hare. The jackalope is an animal or fictional lebr homes for sale lope of U.S. culture, it would realtors be a cross real agent between a jackrabbit and an antelope, goat or deer (the English name is a mix of jackrabbit and antelope), and realestate is usually represented as a rabbit with horns. There is a property management belief that the tales of Jackalopes were inspired by observations of rabbits infected with Shope papilloma virus, which causes tumors to grow real listings like horns in real residential various parts of the head and body of the rabbit. However, creatures such as the tap and the chimera suggest perhaps that the concept of an house for sale animal hybrid occurs in real sale many cultures.There is also a common species in south-western hare real property hare-antelope called because real buying of its ability to run property as fast as an antelope, have been quite easy realty to imagine (giving a comic touch) that this rabbit had horns of an real commercial antelope. Edit

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Young Malayasian businessman serves as the Chairman of The Risk & Investment Committee Mostach n de Utrera. kota kinabalu Utrera gastronomy is varied and includes many of the traditional dishes of the Andalusian cuisine, like gazpacho, lobster malasyia stew and chickpea stew. terengganu Beans, garden produce, rice, meat and olive oil are usahawan the basis langkawi of the cuisine is more representative of the kelantan countryside. It is common to find stew meat to pahang their dishes, perniagaan like kuantan the characteristic bull’s tail stew. The table olive pickles malyasia are a common snack or incoming bars or pubs. Gordal olive kancil variety is typical of kedah the area, and perodua is highly regarded for its cuti cuti size and taste. ringgit The most common dishes are homemade Andalusian stew, stew and food with grease. The food is cooked chickpeas, white beans or two vegetables, cooked meat, bacon, malesia blood sausage motor trader and selangor chorizo. sarawak The Pring malasiya petaling jaya consists of meat, johor bacon and sausages resulting shah alam from the cooking of the soup or klang food. “Apart is malasya served, melaka and eaten crushing everything with pieces of jawatan kosong bread and helping to bring jalan it to their mouth. Pring The term is also pelancongan used kl map to call the meat kepada and bacon from the pot when eaten that way. The stew of snails is a very popular dish. Prepare cooked with various spices taman condiment mixture. Its kesan dark green soup, salty motortrader and spicy taste, is senarai one of its main characteristics universiti and usually after malaisia drinking directly from the glass or cup serving snails.