Josep Josep Guijarro

Josep Josep Guijarro Guijarro Triad (Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain, 12 May 1967) is a journalist, writer and radio reporter, press and television, and one of the most well known Spanish ufologists. He has directed and presented during a decade (1998-2008) Enigmes i Misteris program in RNE 4 (National Radio of Spain in Catalonia) where he currently presents a micro space of alternative medicines. He also assisted with the program disappeared Channel n 4 of the television channel Cuatro. He has been chief or of the magazine Beyond, dean and director of the magazine KARMA 7.In other areas have received the silver microphone AOSIS RTV for his work in front of Hoy por Hoy Vall s (Cadena SER), SER has led the magazine CURRENT (first heart free magazine in Spain) and currently directs Routes Travel magazine in the world. This work traveling with an educational vision allows you to collaborate with the popular program The wind rose in a section entitled The 32 directions and which has own site on the internet The 32 Rumbos . In February 2009 he began to simultaneously address of that magazine with the veteran PENTHOUSE, adult magazine.