Now Feel Engine

Cold start a hand in cover of the engine. It should be cold. Ask the owner to have a motorcycle, deduct points for charging from an external battery, starting with "tolkocha" too zealous use of the kick-starter and mats. If the bike was warmed up before starting, this should be taken with some suspicion. Running the engine While the engine warms, it should work smoothly. Wait five minutes and turn it off.

Warm motorcycle engine should start no problems the first time. Work warmed-up engine Try gas. The engine should respond flawlessly. First, turn the throttle just a little. Then, abruptly until about 60% of turnover, turnover should immediately return to idle 1000-1200 rpm. If the rotational speed drops to the no-load and get stuck just above and then gently fall, most likely something wrong with the carburetor. Check the exhaust, there should be no club any color. Look, if there is any sharp or tinkling sounds.

Press the clutch is likely to be quieter – thus roars box, some bikes are the norm – learn in advance about your model. Squeeze adhesion, including transfer, smoothly lower the lever must grasp smoothly, so that you can control it. These tires sin many salons:) Tires must be free of cracks – carefully read the side of the tire if you see a crack, then a bus ride is not worth it. Just look into the tread wear, check for damage. Chain / star Well, if you look ahead to a new star to remember what she looks like. Ideally, teeth should be thick and rounded. If the teeth are sharpened, the chain and the star should be changed. Test circuit – in a loaded condition, sag should be no more than 2-3 cm Check to see if any room for further tension chain. If a motorcycle taxi is, the central step, put it on her. Post the front wheel, sitting on the passenger's seat, if available, or simply have someone hold the bike. Turn the handlebars from side to side. If you feel resistance at a certain phase of flight control surfaces or rough turning movement, which means that it is necessary to change the bearings. If the central footboard not, roll, bike and do the same thing. Inspect brake discs. The deep grooves or bumps on the disc – a bad sign. Normal pads must be no less than 2 mm thick. Electrician check all the buttons, switches, lights (near, far), podvorotniki, dimensions, the whistle when running the engine. Turn on the lamp charging beam and put his hand in front of her. With increasing speed with idle to 2000rpm, you should see a noticeable increase in brightness of the lights. Look at his muffler appearance and the presence of corrosion. Listen, there are no rattles. Look for leaking engine oil leakage, they should not be. Just to be leaking cooling system. Suspension shock absorbers for ponazhimayte fork little jump in the saddle. Now Feel feathers, they should be dry, if they in the oil, then, at best, it is necessary to change the seals. Just do not be squeaks. 2008