Consumer Goods

The Half-environment is supplying of the natural good used in the process detransformao for attainment of the consumer goods and capital asset. Ambient legal Abase, following the evolution of the necessities human econhecimento, regulates the actions of the individuals and companies parauma socially responsible action rationalizing the natural use dessesbens and minimizing the ambientaisdecorrentes negative externalidades of the transformativo process. Amongst the transforming atividadesindustriais of bigger damage to the half environment it is the derefino of oil. The oil refineries consume grandesquantidades of natural resources, generate enormous and negative variadasexternalidades, that related to the legislation ambientalpertinente in the Federal, State and Municipal scope, taken care of with nicaforma to minimize the negative externalidades, form the report legal deconformidade, tool of the system of Ambient Management. With ointuito to investigate the prevalence of ambient legal conformity nUN-REMAN, ours I besiege of collection of data, was verified the Report Legal deConformidade, interviews with managers to determine the degree deinteresse in the preservation of the Environment, knowledge of the Report Legal deconformidade for consideration in the power to decide system of the company.

Being carried through interviews with 11 controlling, of the 12 possible ones, 9supervisores and not supervisors. Being that 95% consider important apreservao of the Environment and about 90% it affirms to know and it uses information contained in the report of Legal Conformity in the sistemadecisrio. The study it disclosed that in 2007 the managers consideraramimportante the Report of Conformity of the company as tool dosistema of management, however a little the half know the SMSnet comseus consultation modules and had more than assisted in the reply elaboration legal aosrequisitos. One becomes necessity, therefore, informative actions ambient daslegislaes associates the UN-REMAN for knowledge dosgestores and influence in the construction of work plans. Word-key: Ambient legislation, Conformity, Refinery of Manaus (UN-REMAN), in frank process of elaboration of the manual of system of Ambient Management, searched, among others, methodology to identify and to keep brought up to date its data base with the set of applicable legislaes its processes, products and services, that initially were carried through for the professionals of the body proper technician of the company, specifically the professionals of the management of> Security, Environment and Sade (SMS).